Go to the Sale?

Went through a window with a large poster to report discounts. This is a magic word for most women. It’s almost irresistible appeal to come in and just give a “look”. After all, you can find that coveted piece or a real “bargain” which will be adorable with those pants you bought this station or combine with that sweater that has been waiting to find your couple. The truth is that the balances are a real temptation and is very easy to lose your head. But will it make the choices right ones?
The discounts are an excellent opportunity to buy those parts that you need or that “looking” for some time. Enjoy the season of promotions for investing in your wardrobe, but avoid impulse purchases. Especially, if the play does not have the right size or not match with anything in your closet.

  1. Make a shopping list and set a budget
    To avoid making impulse purchases or purchase items that you won’t be sorry later, nothing better than making a list of the parts you need. Analyze what are their needs, before you go shopping, in terms of parts and colors. Above all, not to get home and check that already have a equal or already has five black pants. Establish a maximum budget and also avoid exceed this value.
  2. Avoid the single parts and misfits
    By the way, I bought a piece, that after arriving home found that doesn’t match anything that has or that don’t fits your lifestyle. Result: the most likely thing is that the article stay hanging from the coat rack or forgotten in a drawer without ever using it. Can be a scarf, a necklace, shoes or a piece of clothing. On the purchase, answer these questions: Have lack of this piece? Can combine with the others that I already have? Fits my lifestyle and age? Favors my body type? On that occasion I’m going to use it?
  3. Verify that you have the right size
    Promotions it’s customary that the sizes stay very chosen and the temptation to buy a number above or below, only to take advantage of the price. Nothing else wrong, because the piece will be tight and feel uncomfortable or too wide and give her look sloppy. If you do not have your size is better not buy unless you’re willing to make small balls with the help of a seamstress or tailor. Another mistake is to buy a size to the pounds to lose after a diet. Be realistic.
  4. Invest in basic and quality parts
    Enjoy to buy that brand name parts, that are usually out of your budget. The discounts are an excellent opportunity to invest in some shoes, a suitcase or on quality basic, which will endure in your closet for a long time and give you a sophisticated look.
    Some shoes or a leather bag, a suit or jacket, a leather jacket or a dress classic are good options. Invest in quality materials, with an impeccable cut and classic models. Don’t forget that trend pass sets and are quickly outdated.
  5. Verify that the play has no defects or blemishes
    Before buying, make sure that the piece is in bad shape, presents defects or blemishes. The current legislation provides that if consumers buy goods defective, the dealer is required to make good, make the Exchange (replacement) or to reimburse your value.
    However, during the sales period with price reduction, traders can sell defective products, provided they are properly identified, through labels or tags that indicate which is the defect. The consumer must always store the receipt of purchase to any complaint.
  6. Inform yourself about what is the discount
    Sometimes, the shop Windows advertise a discount up to a certain percentage, inducing the consumer. Check on the label which the real reduction of the article to make sure you’re doing good business, analyzing the previous and the current price.
  7. Decide on the moment
    If you find a piece, which meets all the requirements listed, and it’s a good investment don’t go home thinking about it. In the time of sale, the pieces disappear with ease and run the risk of not finding her again.
  8. Always test before buy
    It is best to try to play and only buy if it be fine, serve and has no defects. Often, the queues for the tasters are so large, that discourage experimentation articles. If you have little time or patience make sure that the store carries out exchanges or refunds.
  9. Check the Exchange or refund policy articles
    The Exchange, replace or refund are only required if the well has a defect. However, some stores make it easy this task to consumers, even if it’s not required by law. Pay attention to the expiration date, the conditions for Exchange or refund and please keep the purchase receipt.

If you want to have the help of a professional to make their purchases and make sure that you take the best decisions, select a personal shopping session.