Galaxy S6: Users Report Of Purple Stain On Selfies

Colored photo bomb: owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6 report on reddit about an ominous purple spot on Selfies and co. It seems that front camera of which are affected – and only for some time. A solution or even the cause is not found yet.
Galaxy S6 Users Report Of Purple Stain On Selfies
On the image of the thread creator at first only a few pixels is large, but nevertheless, conspicuous stain, which is in the upper-right corner of the photo. However, this phenomenon occurs only for images that were shot with the front-facing camera.
Is The Sensor Fault On The Purple Stain?
Some users in the Reddit thread report that your barely two weeks old Galaxy S6 was exchanged without. Apparently, an alleged solution from the XDA-developers Forum does not work: A reduction in the release of 5 3.8 Megapixels make remedy, it was there. Even if it would work, it would be just a workaround.
An official statement from Samsung has so far. It is also unclear whether a defect of the front camera sensor could be responsible for the phenomenon. The purple stain could but just as well be a software problem. Apparently, the undesirable effect occurs only when shooting with Dim lighting conditions. In the XDA Forum, so photos are to see, which should be actually black, but have several purple bluish streaks. Do you have similar problems with Selfies and other recordings with the front camera of S6?