For Whom the Larger Screen of A Smartphone Really Makes A Difference?

Every day are released new cell phones. One of the more present market trends is the increase in the size of the screens. Some people think the big screens. Others are impressed with colors and sizes. To others, the screen size is something indifferent. Whatever your profile, something we must admit: the size and screen resolution today became one of the main criteria for choosing a new smartphone. In the era of cell phones that almost look like tablets and tablets as small as cell phones, the big screen is not for everyone. Understand for whom big screen really makes a difference can help you choose via Shopareview.
Big Screen and Screen Resolution
However, it should be remembered that a larger screen does not mean better image quality. You can have a mobile phone with a screen of more than 4 inches and a low resolution. The resolution is defined by pixels that form the images on the screen. For example, a Full HD screen has horizontal lines and 1920 1080 vertical lines. Every point where these lines intersect shape a different color that together form an image.

In addition, the density of pixels per inch (DPI) is translated as the density of dots per inch. The higher the number, the greater the amount of points forming an image on the screen.
So, when buying a cell phone with big screen, think also in the resolution or you can change.
Possible Uses for the Large Screens of Cell Phones
The big screen of a cell phone has one main purpose: media consumption. In media include videos, books, pictures and games.
Take pictures and shoot with these devices is a much better experience, especially on machines with better resolution. When you put the pictures and videos on a computer major, like the video or photo lost resolution and colors. Edit these photos and videos is also much easier, because you can see more details. It’s almost like having a semi professional camera in your hands with a mega screen for inline editing. To do this, you also need a cell phone with a good camera.
Have games, is much easier to execute commands with the larger screen. In short, is a lot more fun to play with the bigger screen and you can enjoy much better the details of every game.
To watch videos and movies, it is also a good opportunity to watch high definition movies and videos. Who ever did this should. You notice more details in scenes, the movements are more fluid, you admire more the beauty of images and scenarios. That goes even for videos on YouTube and other video-sharing sites.
Those who like pretty pictures can also use larger screen resource. You can zoom into works of art in high definition, choose beautiful wallpapers and screen pillows for your appliance and make attractive to your eyes.
And books, it’s almost like having a paper book in hand. The fonts get larger, as well as the images. You also have more text on the screen, making it easier to read and with a font that facilitates the process of reading the materials.
It is easier to enter using cell phones with large screens. But I don’t recommend the larger screen for this use.
To Whom the Large Screen Phones Were Made?
To sum up exactly what I told you above, big-screen cell phone was made for those who want to consume media and want a mix between tablet and smartphone. Who wants a cell phone for use as a camera and/or camcorder must also consider the quality of the camera unit.
You have to be clear that the consumption of media is its focus on the moment you buy your mobile phone for the big screen. If you do not intend to use it for the purposes described herein, is worth more to buy a unit at the same price, with other technological advantages, but with a better screen. If you really want the big screen, don’t forget to look at the definition and DPI of the screen (above 200 is great).
I bought the Galaxy Note II, which has a huge screen, a great camera and a great setting. I don’t regret any second and I watched movies on the device. I read a lot and my eyes are not tired. The battery needs to be recharged once a day in intensive, maybe more often. But it was worth the investment, and I’m happy with the media consumption experience with my Note II. My next phone will be similar or even larger screen, I’m sure of it.