For Companies-Which Employ?

When opening your company requires several important choices. One of them, which cannot be left aside, it’s the internet plan that will hire for your company. With a great competitiveness between companies on the market, the options are varied to suit different profiles of entrepreneurs. But also, can bring high costs and problems inherent in brazilian infrastructure.
Without a doubt, if your town has GVT, choose for this company. The company values the quality of their services and especially of your customer service. It’s the only in Brazil that is not outsourced support services to the consumer, which in itself brings a differential, since it is the very company that solves the problems of its clients. You may find some difficulty for the availability of the GVT for your locale, since they also limited the sales of points not to overload your network and lose quality in broadband. The plans are also quite competitive in relation to competitors, including telephony services also may not have much in mind but that, in conjunction with broadband services, may be perfect for your company.

Secondly, we put here the services provided by the carrier. In attendance, she is still well behind the GVT. But its infrastructure has improved a lot. Even today are not rare connection problems of NET in rainy days in some Brazilian cities. However, its scope is somewhat greater than the GVT, making it the best option for some cities where the best Brazil internet hasn’t arrived yet. Your NET Combo system, with pay TV services and telephony can also be beneficial in case you want to offer entertainment to customers and need to also phone minutes. As always, the values are very competitive and when shown the values offered by the competition, quickly can offer a better deal for your needs.
In last place and as a last resort, we left the services provided by operator Hi. Its only advantage over the other is the scope that expands to virtually all Brazilian cities. However, their infrastructure and service are of terrible quality. Another small advantage that we can include is the integration of services for fixed telephony and mobile broadband. But despite the competitive prices, the headaches with the consumer support aren’t worth it to the businessman who hires this service provider.
We could mention here the 3 g plans for entrepreneurs who live out of town. However, the mobile phone operators still has a bad quality in this type of service. Still, it can become necessary in some cases. Oi with their integrated plans can have good deals, but a speed that can leave you with more headaches than solutions. One of the carriers, the Alive offers the best quality and a regular service, in addition to some good promotions. TIM with his plans Infinity can also be a valid option for those who want to save with internet and links between mobile phones TIM, however, with the quality and infrastructure that still has much to improve.
The business plans has a value slightly larger than the directly made to the consumer because they demand a more constant broadband, in addition to a higher rate of upload. The infrastructure and the network of a company may also require a more careful maintenance, something no company yet, leaving the Manager search for this kind of service from third party companies.