Flowers to Decorate Wedding: Understand the Meanings

Let the wedding more beautiful, symbolic and romantic including flower arrangements in the decoration.
Understand the meanings of flowers to decorate wedding. It is for the party, in the Church or to the bride’s bouquet, it is important to choose not only a flower that harmonise with the colours of the decoration, but also represents the moment and the prospects of the couple.The flowers symbolize the love between the people and the gratitude for the completion of the first step to an eternal Union. Each species carries an energy and represents a kind of feeling, and may vary between luck, fidelity and innocence. In a moment as important as marriage, it is essential that before choosing the flower by the beauty, their meanings are also taken into consideration.

Meanings of Flowers to decorate wedding

The House & Party selected the most commonly used to decorate wedding flowers and their meanings. See:


The Tulip is a flower considered as superior to the other, because of the beauty and elegant touch that it guarantees in any type of decoration. Weddings she represents the love strong, unwavering and eternal.


The daisy is a delicate flower and petals always white. It conveys peace and quiet during the ceremony and symbolizes purity, youth and innocence.


The sunflower is the flower compared to the Sun, the biggest star of our system and responsible for the light of our day. using sunflowers in wedding decoration represents joy, success and the positive in the relationship.

Glass of milk

This type of flower can represent indifference, however, at weddings she becomes a symbol of peace, calm and joy. White color, also represents purity and respect that exists between the couple.


One of the most viewed flowers at weddings, the meaning of the orchid is directly connected to the female form. They symbolize love, faithfulness, the sensitivity, the sensuality and beauty of the woman.


Jasmine also represents purity and innocence, due to your light color. But the scent of this flower, which always stands out among the other, represents happiness, luck and achievement.

Gerbera daisy

The main feature of the bright colors are Gerbera daisy. This flower can be used at the wedding to symbolize a life to two happy, many good surprises, complicity and love.


Also quite common in the decoration of weddings, the lily is represents pure love, respect, sensitivity, fertility and even motherhood.


The hortense represents the loyalty between the bride and groom. It can also mean the achievement of objectives, the prosperity, the will to stand next to someone you love and respect for the next.


The rose is represents the passion and love, however, there are variations according to the color of the petals. The white means innocence and respect, the Rose means beauty and admiration, the yellow represents joy and friendship, I desire red and intense love.
And there? Do you know other species of flowers to decorate wedding? Leave a comment.