Flawless Eyebrows

Probably the greatest women ever heard of eyebrows. But how to use makeup on a daily basis, I’m always trying out new products and will meet my needs. In fact, some people use hair spray to fix your eyebrows more rebels. However, today there are specific products that draw, volumizes and fill your eyebrows.
I got some thick eyebrows and, as such, must be fixed every month, so I turn to a professional. In fact, no one has the two eyebrows the same, should balance your way and do not remove too much, neither. So don’t dismiss the service Brow Bar Benefit of Sephora, a bar of eyebrows whose technique makes it with a perfect arc and with a natural result (because I don’t like thin eyebrows and these use-now full). The value of service is 18 euros, but you’re going to have to touch up after at home, since it is necessary to remove with tweezers that hairs begin to grow. For those who have thin eyebrows or Blondes, can still appeal to the colouring service. Keep in mind that works by appointment, so better check what is the nearest store and call first.
Who has irregular dark eyebrows, you know that they are beautiful after drawn and combed, with the help of a crew cut of its own, but the truth is remain so throughout the day. To fix your eyebrows, it is best to use a specific mask, with or without color have only attention to choose a tone as close to your so as not to be with heavy air or too artificial. Most of the brands it sells various shades, so you can try it in the store which is best suited for you. For those who have thin eyebrows, the advantage is that the color will help fill the line, getting stronger and defined.
How to choose a mask of eyebrows
The effect of the mask of eyebrows is excellent and the best news is that this gesture will only occupy 5 seconds of your daily routine. Unless you have to fill in small gaps with the help of a pencil or wax and shadow self. The fastener will allow your eyebrows stay aligned and combed through the day, but also filled.
I’ve tried several products and what varies, in addition to the price, is the applicator, because the more narrow and small you are, the more accurate is the stroke, especially if you have a thin eyebrow. Right now, I’m using the Draw Your Brown Wyconbrand, which has a thin brush and easy to apply, in addition to being affordable (€ 6.90), being marketed in four shades of Brown.
Another of my favorites is the Gimme Volumizing Gel Eyebrow Brow brand Benefit, a water-resistant and Volumizer gel, available in three tones (or transparent) with a fine brush which ensures a precise and natural effect (€ 26.50). The brand Kiko Milano also has a clear fixative gel for eyebrows, Eyebrow Designer, or with various shades, the Eyebrow Fibers Coloured Mascara, which has a larger brush (€ 7.20). I confess, I wasn’t a fan of the Brow Artist Sculp from L ‘ Oréal Paris, as has a tip with paint, at the top of the brush, be careful not to smudge the makeup.
How to apply the mask of eyebrows
Start by brushing the eyebrows in order to remove the remains and, if wearing makeup. After applying the gel mask with short strokes and in the direction of hair growth. See here the video of the benefit if you have questions. A very simple and easy gesture, but that will make all the difference.
In fact, his eyebrows have the ability to rejuvenate and give greater expression to the face. Or maybe you haven’t noticed the famous eyebrows of guy Delevingne, Mila Kunis or Kim Kardashian, which is one of its hallmarks.