Five Steps to Pedaling in the City

1. Follow The Traffic Rules

Cyclists must follow the same rules and laws as drivers.
Use the rightmost band. Never pedal in the back, pedal in the direction of the street hand.
Obey all traffic control devices such as traffic lights, pedestrian lane, and more.
Always look back and use your hand and arm to signal your change of direction, such as changing lanes, entering the right or left or stopping.

2. Be Very Visible

Pedal only where drivers can see you.
Wear colorful and light clothing at all times.
At night, use white front light and red tail light or reflector.
Use reflective ribbons and clothing.

3. Be Predictable

Always walk in a single track, do not “sew” between cars, maintain predictable behavior, signal if you have to change lanes.
Make eye contact with the drivers so they can see you and know what your next move will be.
Do not pedal on the sidewalk.

4. Prevent Conflict

Remember the traffic around you and be prepared to make decisions very quickly.
Know very well the braking techniques and techniques of pilot piloting.
Avoid accidents. Be very alert at intersections.

5. Wear A Helmet

Make sure that the helmet is properly fitted to your head so that it can function properly and completely.
After an accident or any impact that affects your helmet, visible or not, replace it immediately.