Find out What Is Your Body Type

Hourglass, rectangular, triangular, oval or pear, know what your body shape? Time to put on, note your BioType, in order to enhance their strengths and learn how to disguise certain areas. Meet also some style tips to call or divert attention from looks. The important thing is to take advantage of the body and feel good on your skin.
<li><strong> Hourglass</strong></li>
Is considered the body with the ideal forms, because the shoulders and the hips are aligned. The curves of the body are proportional and your strong point is the small waist. Should value their ways and mark the waist, with adjusted to body parts and girdled. Otherwise, your body will look like rectangular and without curves.
<strong>Use:</strong>blouses and dresses secured to enhance your curves and coats with belts. To stretch the legs bet on pants with default and pinstriped skirts above the knees.
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<li><strong> rectangle or column</strong></li>
If your shoulders, hips and waist are aligned, is lean and has few curves, then has a body type or column rectangle. The legs are thin and usually, when you win, this weight is distributed evenly. Bet on gimmicks to create the illusion that has shapes and draw attention away from your waist.
<strong>Use:</strong>parts with newspaper clippings, as well as belts and sashes, which help to create a fake belt. The loose blouses disguise the lack of curves. Appreciates also the neck region with necklines, collars or details such as ruffles and pleats. Prefer skirts in evasé format or rounds and trousers with large pockets, in order to make shapes and look like you have the waist thinner.
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<li><strong> Inverted triangle or Cone</strong></li>
In this type of body, shoulders are always larger than the hips. The waist tends to be straight, your back wide and long, thin legs. The volume of the silhouette is concentrated in the upper part of the body. To balance the silhouette, divert the attention of the trunk, making the shoulders look smaller and more voluminous hips. Cherish your strong point, too: her legs.
<strong>Use:</strong>blouses with fluid fabrics, neutral colors and narrow V-necklines to lighten the trunk. Shirts and blouses must have details. To highlight the hips, choose stampings, pockets or flashy details. Skirts, dresses and shorts are a good option to get the attention of your legs.
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<li><strong> Oval</strong></li>
Normally, which has an oval silhouette is above the ideal weight for your height. The body lines are curved and the neck is wide. The waist can be larger or on the same line of the shoulders and the hips. Should refine the silhouette, hide the belly and draw attention to the thinner areas of the body, such as the wrists, ankles, cleavage and besides create a fake belt. Another suggestion is to draw attention to the face and enhance your legs.
<strong>Use:</strong>Tunics, shirts and blazers open. The sweaters with necklines or vertical details are great for dressing up your belly. Try to leave a patch of skin on display at the neckline or arms. V-necklines and sleeves to 3/4 highlight these areas. Do not wear very closed, with long sleeves and a turtleneck. To thin thighs, use the shirts in the middle of the hips and necklines in U or V if you have nice legs and turned must value them with skirts and dresses by the knees. Prefer dark colors or neutral and monochrome looks.
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<li><strong> Pear</strong></li>
In the body type, the shoulders are narrower than the hips, waist and arms are thin and the breasts are small or medium-sized. The most important thing is to balance the size of the shoulders with the hips and draw attention to the upper part of the body. Should mark the waist, albeit slight, so getting a slimmer silhouette.
<strong>Use:</strong>With printed blouses, collars, necklines or frills on the top, as well as scarves and necklaces are good choices for the shoulders. The tracks and the belts help to mark the waist. Bet on trousers and skirts, dark colors, to disguise your hips.
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