Female Sarouel Pants: How to Use and Combine

Once you have been feeling in passereles in the distant year of 2006 already, saruel pants model remains one of the sensations of the summer, while remaining very popular. Is a very versatile pants, which gives both formal as informal environments ideal for leisure, but also for partying or clubbing. In addition, they are quite comfortable and super-versáteis, allowing various combinations. So, are increasingly a garment indispensable in the female wardrobe.
There are several types of hammer pants. There are different hook sizes, varied types of fabrics, with prints or smooth, and with different types of closure, either with buttons, zips or elastic. There are many options and just need to find your style, with an equal dose of attitude and comfort.
Learn a few tips and fashion advice and style of how to use and combine female sarouel pants and keep track of the latest trends, without error.

  1. Despite being a very flexible model, the hammer pants should be avoided by women fatties or with the hips. Is this sort of flattens the clothing silhouette and increases the size of the hips. However, the short women should not have any problem in using hammer pants. Must is to opt for models with smaller volume between legs, abuse in high heels and avoid combinations of great contrasts, use neutral colors for example.
  2. The is quite comfortable sarouel pants (hence it is also known as Pajama pants), which makes it a kind of ideal clothing for informal environments. You can use several types of hammer pants, but can opt for a mesh model draped saruel pants and combine with dry Regatta and sandals. You can still wear flip-flops or sandals trip them, or even use the always reliable shoes. Get a visual young, modern and super relaxed.
  3. The and sarouel pants, however, very versatile and also for formal environments. In this case, opt for a refined tissue sarouel pants, as silk for example. Then combine with a basic shirt and a blazer over a short one. To wear, choose high heels or solid and sophisticated shoes. The most important thing is to get a balanced, without great contrasts. The sarouel pants is a model with a lot of information, so it should appeal to combinations with little volume or garish prints. Don’t be afraid to try it with accessories, especially in earrings, bracelets and necklaces.