Fashion Tips to Wear a Shift Dress

Which character type is Shift?
Shift dresses have the advantage that they flatter her by cutting each figure: The androgynous type benefits from the female silhouette, a short upper body is stretched, depending on the dress length, curvy women can keep good balance with a heavy fabric. As the timeless classic shift dress simply belongs in every wardrobe, because on the cocktail party or in a business appointment you prove so in any situation of style.
What should curvy women note a shift dress?
Feminine curves disappear under the straight cut sheath dress, if you consider a few things when buying: For a large bust darts should be present in the breast area, thus creating enough space. Who is slightly curvier at Po and hip, should at these sites, make sure that the dress is not too tight. A good choice is then a slightly heavier fabric that prevents the garment from sliding upward. Seams that run along, also ensure that your figure is optically extended. With strong upper arms, you should resort to a model with little arms.

How can I style my shift dress casually?
You do not miss your favorite dress in everyday life? With a few small tips is your sheath dress to a casual look: With a XXL cardigan and knit tights is from your sheath dress a winter outfit for the office. Serve with a scarf or a large cloth. In conjunction with a leather jacket, sunglasses and patterned tights you create a casual look for rock concert. A denim jacket combined with the shift dress with a big bag makes the classic a casual look for the meeting with your girlfriends.
Fashion Tips to Wear a Shift Dress
What I combine my shift dress for an evening look?
If you want to style your dress festive, then you access to opaque tights in black, light brown or nude. A Bolero, a blazer or cropped jacket over the dress provide an elegant appearance. Do you want to present themselves in the 60s look, choose a jacket in A-line or a poncho. Jewelry and evening bag, for example, a clutch, the dress cost additionally.
Which shoe suits a shift dress?
Depending on whether your outfit should be chic or casual, you choose your shoe. Pumps or toes are the right choice for the classic look. In summer, make sandals or ballet flats, in winter booties or ankle the dress suitable for everyday use. Slender legs come in boots good effect.
Fashion Tips to Wear a Shift Dress
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Serve with: accessories, bag, shoes, pumps, tunics, sweaters, coats, belts
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Shift – the perfect dress for every occasion
Shift – the classic among the clothes. Since Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly these dresses are famous for their wonderful elegance that they give each lady. With its mostly knee-length and slightly curved form a sheath dress conjures always a beautiful silhouette. In this sheath dresses are gorgeous convertible and can be worn on many occasions. In Baur you can find a huge selection of Blazer & Suits and sundress.