Best Dresses for Every Body Type

Dresses are part of the essential clothing that will always be present in every woman’s closet, since they are not only perfect for use at special events, but that there is also some models of dresses for use in every day. But the dresses are very beloved by feminists that allow perfectly disimular attributes that don’t like much and above all helping to highlight those areas that like most of our body.
But you can look beautiful is important for you to know how to choose the ideal dresses for the type of body you have, so you can achieve the design your dresses help you Stylize your image in the best way. To help you with that I leave you with some tips to choose the perfect dress for you.

Best Dresses for Every Body Type

Dresses for oval body

For pregnant women who have an oval body, bridgat recommends to opt for dresses with deep neckline as the neckline in V shape that allow styling perfectly in the figure and above all helping to look slimmer.
Leave aside the dresses with layers that provide extra volume which is what you don’t want, in addition to avoid very wide dresses which give unnecessary volume to the body making you feel a little aesthetic style.

Dresses for triangle-shaped body

Women with this body type are characterized by having hips wider than men, then it is advisable to you to avoid bringing the dresses that are very tight at the bottom since ara hip to highlight more than normal and that’s what you want to. Recommended are those who are in A court.
The dress that you use has to bring attention to the area upper body, and to achieve this has dresses with cleavage in the form of V, strapless or halter.

Dresses for inverted triangle-shaped body

This body type is completely different from the previous one, i.e. women who have an inverted triangle-shaped body is characterized by have shoulders wider than the hips. Then to achieve a good balance must be avoid dresses with many details in the part of the shoulders, but if dresses with detail or embellishment at the bottom of the dress is recommended.
Crew-neck dresses are perfect to give a feeling of more thin shoulders. Avoid dresses with sleeves curved or that stand out too in the area of the shoulder or neck.

Dresses for rectangular body

For this case and has to opt for designs of dresses that give a visual effect of sharper curves. I recommend you to look a more stylised figure dresses that have details such as belts, drapes and other details in special areas like the waist to give feeling of bend sharper. Dresses with cut Princess or Empire are also perfect.
Another good option are cross dresses to show off elegant if you have a body in rectangular shape that curves provide you visually.

Dresses for hourglass shaped body

For this case you should choose dresses that highlight the body, IE that dresses a little adjusted are perfect, since this type of body has a good proportion.
Dresses with halter, strapless, asymmetrical neckline and cut Princess are perfect for this type of body. Be very careful if you want to use dresses neckline in V-shape, since they are those who tend to highlight more chest.


You also have to be careful the dress fabric, silk, Lycra or other fabrics make the defaults as the rolls be noticed more. In addition you have to choose the correct size.
In terms of the combination of dresses with accessories don’t forget the rule less is more to not recharge your look.