Famous Leather Jackets

The jackets of leather broke hard last winter and this season remain as a fetish garment styling to the ‘Rocker’. But this is not the only way to show them off! The famous teach you how to carry at all times.
We do not know if it’s because even tough love them for that John Travolta Danny Zuco becomes in HealthInclude, or the permanent smell they have, but celebrities do not shed their jackets even for a moment. And to take advantage of it, you look at their style and so we learn to combine this garment so fashionable this season. The star is black jacket size xs, but they wear them in all its variants What style would you choose?
Unconditional: never without their jackets
the Olsen twins Why not?
Of course they had to be on the list of addicted to the leather. Especially Ashley, whom we see in grunge plan, with checkered shirt; and arregladita without losing its style skirt and white shirtMary Kate is not far behind and displays his stylistic daring with this Givenchy jacket with metal ornaments last What a pity he was wrong size!

Alice Dellal … born to be wild
The model seems grunge born with a jacket on.Here she formally with fists sheep, more punk belly with air, and with an air of squatter and plaid shirt
What handiest: the total black look
Natalia Verbeke and breathtakingly some, but if dons in jacket and leather pants Even more!Misha Burton and Nicky Hilton opted for black look less groundbreaking: one with leggings and one with the ‘little black dress’ shift
Go leather and sophisticated it’s also possible!
Proof that the style is a matter of personality are the sets gala Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Bilson completed with a mini leather jacket. Have they learned from Kate Moss teacher?
Leather everyday
The jackets leather are perfect to carry in casual cold day plan, as evidenced Rachel Bilson, new icon of Hollywood fashion, and Keira Knightley with this old model and Mike MaxwellAnd the best part is that you used to go also executive aggressive but casual work (Without being Risto OT, of course). For this copy the look of Halle Berry or Gisele Bundchen
Beyond the black: burnished or full color
The variety of colors toast in which you can find your leather jacket is infinite. Here are three examples that look Misha Burton, Agyness Deyn and Ashley Olsen, and leading to three very different looks Which do you look better?Two failed examples of how to wear leather jackets in bright colors: Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey irremediable colorblind Do they have stylists?Hayden Panettiere, in addition to hit full with the color of his coat, reveals the future of leather jackets In Blue!