Failure and Success Go Together

When I started my first business more than 15 years ago I was too scared to fail, to do the “wrong thing”. After these years everyone understood that failure is a prerequisite for success. In order to find out what works, we have to be willing to take risks.
After several moments of failure, my attitude towards failure has changed dramatically. I believe that failure is just an event, not the person.
I understood that we should not park in the supposed failure for fear of not assuming certain levels of risk and not going forward.
I have found that the clearer the values ​​and the goals, the easier it is to manage the risk of failure, and that gaining has much more to do with attitude than with aptitude, especially in times of difficulty.
Understanding that failure and success go very close will help you to get more inspiration and be more persistent by not abandoning your dreams or projects in the first difficulty you face.
Do not worry about being successful at all, remember that success has many parents and failure is orphaned, so just keep persisting, keep going and never give up!
Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest NBA player of all time, credits his attitude about failure as a critical factor behind his huge success: “I missed over 9,000 baskets and lost nearly 300 games. In 26 different endings of matches I was in charge of playing the ball that would win the game … and I failed. I have a history full of failures and failures in my life. And that’s exactly why I’m a success.”
If you do not know how to ride a bike so far, do not worry, do not give up thinking you do not give more time, go ahead and sign up for a bike riding course the same way you would enroll for a soccer course, Tennis, swimming, ballroom dancing, or any other physical activity. If you are already doing the classes and have not yet achieved all the skills continue to persist. Training is critical to your success.
“You’ve seen a lot of players better than me. But you will not see any who have trained more and who are as stubborn about basketball as I am. There is no talent without training.”Oscar Schmidt, the Holy Hand, considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Oscar is the world record player of basketball score with 49.703 points.