Extremely Lightweight One-person Tent

Extremely low weight and small size make the one-person tent the ideal companion, where it’s weight on every gram. We see the minimalist shelter as well as the full, comfortable 1-person tent with space for the luggage.
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Why should it be a one-person tent?
Have you decided for a one-person tent? Then have at least one chosen: you will be alone on the road or want to stay on the road or at least alone in the tent. Now the question arises whether you want to plan a walking and stay each night in their one-person tent or protect them only for a possible emergency. We find the appropriate solution in each case.
What features are important to you at the one-person tent?
Think about what characteristics the one-person tent should possess. Do you want to rather more space inside of the one man tent with a pleasant deck length?
Seat height inside the tent?
An apse which provides space for backpack and boots?
Particularly stably stand for more extreme conditions?
Is it an extremely lightweight one-person tent with a small packing size?
Here equipment you will find also a wide range of bivy sacks as an alternative to single man tents!

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What one-person tent is right for me?
Also use the filter to find exactly the 1-person tent that fits the needs
Weight: also there are differences in 1-person tents at the weight! Willing to contribute more to have more comfort or should it be a lightweight emergency solution?
Interior length: even when one man tents are important for a sufficient length of the inner tent. If you encounter in the rain with the head or sleeping bag in the outer tent, it can be quickly wet in a tent.
Water column: the limit is known as water column when the water starts to press themselves dribs and drabs through the flysheet material. However, the longevity of a coating, thus ensuring that a material is still waterproof even after a long time, is equally important.
Expand the game room! Here you will find also extremely lightweight tarps that allow clamping as a tent before the one-person tent so you have more space to accommodate the equipment dry.