Exploring the Quebec of Fatbike: Webseries with the Brazilian Team

Since 2014 the region of Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean has introduced a new way of crossing its large lake, 32km long. In summers the lake is the scene of one of the great swimming competitions of the world, already in winter, with its frozen waters and temperatures below-20ºC, the new challenge is to cross it of FatBike.
Our team was invited to participate in the 3rd edition of the Traversee du Lac-Saint-Jean a Velo event in February 2016, after the repercussion of our Sand’n’Fatty video, exploring the FatBike Floripa dunes. A radical change for us Brazilians, straight from the beaches in the tropical summer of the southern hemisphere to the apex of the harsh Canadian winter-two environments so distinct but united as the perfect habitats for the new mountain biking with fat wheels.
The team was composed by Jonatha Jünge, FatBiker, photographer and reporter, organizes the page FatBikeBrasil; Daniel RootRider, videomaker and producer, commands RootRiderTV; And
Nataniel Giacomozzi, downhill pilot and Enduro, responsible for aerial drone imagery by Nata Filmes.
More than taking part in the race, the journey through the interior of Quebec presented us with an area rich in attractions and unusual activities such as spending an afternoon with wild wolves, riding in a snowstorm and guiding dog sledding.
This adventure became the webseries Brazilians Across Quebec, produced by RootRiderTV in partnership with FatBikeBrasil and Nata films. There will be 3 episodes released weekly in our social networks, follow the teaser here and keep an eye on the release dates.