Exit of the Bride and Groom to Church

The rice was in the past. Check out ideas to make the output of the newlyweds unforgettable.
The rice is a tradition in the output of the newlyweds to church, but she can be replaced by a creative idea. Soap bubbles, flower petals, balloons, confetti and sparkles are a few options that make the wedding even more special.
Throw rice at newlyweds off the church’s traditional and symbolic. Despite the symbolism behind this costume, it can be dangerous, because the floor is smooth and the people end up slipping. Another drawback is in the dirt that accumulates on the door of the church.

Ideas for the bride and groom exit the Church

The house and party broke away some ideas to replace the rice output of the newlyweds to church. Check out:

1-bright Sparkles

With the intention to make the output of the church, many couples are betting on bright sparkles. These lights, which are in the hands of the godfathers and godmothers, leave the pictures more beautiful.
The sparkles release sparks and look like tiny stars. They are recommended for marriages overnight and require attention as regards security. Remember: the cables must be long to not cause accidents.
The use of sparkles at the exit of the Church is a strong trend for weddings 2017. This item works the same way as the birthday candles that explode the light.

2 – balloons with helium

Weddings performed during the day, a good suggestion for the exit of the Church is to release balloons with helium. These ornaments make the cheerful and colorful sky on the day of the ceremony. The idea is also advantageous because don’t accumulate dirt on the floor.
The balloons can be found in different colors, shapes and sizes. To strengthen the climate of romanticism, many couples are betting on heart-shaped balloons.

3-rose petals

The newlyweds looking for a light and romantic idea to mark the exit of the Church can play the rose petals. The result in the photos of the wedding is amazing!

4-Soap bubbles

Stripped and modern couples prefer to replace the traditional hail of rice by soap bubbles. This idea is perfect for outdoor environments such as beaches and fields. Just be careful in the case of a place with floor, because the surface can be slippery because of the Soap.


The paper butterflies are responsible to leave the output of the Church with an atmosphere of magic and fantasy, as if it was a real scene of fairy tales.
Avoid adopting the trend around in the USA. She mistreats animals when using frozen butterflies.

6-Wands with ribbons

If you are in search of an idea, then bet for making sticks with ribbons. These tapes can be of satin or laminated, everything will depend on the preference of the bride and groom.

7-Confetti and streamers

To highlight the joy of marriage, without spending a lot of money, worth using confetti to replace the shower of rice. This idea is colorful and easy to put into practice.
Found no confetti for sale? Don’t worry. You can buy sheets of vivid colors and picotá them with round shape. Then you just distribute among the sponsors and guests.
The streamers can be used in partnership with the confetti. They leave the pictures with a funny effect and guarantees a lot of fun.

8-silver rain

The silver rain ensures brightness and joy to the exit of the Church, so it is a good option to replace rice. The silver will let that happen the amazing photos!

9-paper hearts

The bride and groom can make, on its own, small paper hearts (colorful or single color). Then, just put these little hearts in cones or bags and distribute among the guests. A simple idea, cheap and easy to put into practice.

10-neon sticks

Have you ever heard of the neon sticks? Because they know that they are doing very successfully at weddings. They are safer than the sparkles and take charge of the engaged very fun.

11-dry leaves

Is it possible to replace the rice by dry leaves. In addition to cost practically nothing, this idea is ecologically correct, harmonizes with outdoor ceremonies and combines with mostly autumn weddings.


In the United States and Europe, it is very common for the bride and groom choose by use of flags outside the Church. These banners can contain funny phrases, coat of arms of the couple or romantic symbols. Use the creativity!

13-paper airplanes

A couple more modern and stripped can mark the exit of the Church with colorful paper airplanes. This idea is super original!
Like the tips? Do you know any other ideas to make the output of the newlyweds to church unforgettable? Leave a comment.