Every Sunday There Is a Pedal School in Water Park

Sunday is “Pedal School” day in the Water Park. The activity teaches people of all ages to ride bikes safely. Promoted by the Municipality of Sorocaba through Urbes – Transit and Transport, the activity is free from 8:00 am to 12:00 p.m. and also encourages people to improve their techniques with the bike.
To participate, simply take the disposition to learn and the energy to pedal! The School lends bikes and helmets to students. The intention of the initiative is to help children learn about balance and guide cyclists and future cyclists on the right ways of sharing traffic, teach basics of individual and collective safety, such as helmet use, tangent curves, attention with Road crossings, what to do when the ground is wet and/or it is raining, what are the appropriate and inappropriate places to pedal, basic traffic rules according to the Brazilian Traffic Code. The school also guides the rules of good coexistence with different modes of transport, self-defense during pedaling, among other information.
The “Escola do Pedala” was created in May 2011 to promote traffic education from bicycles, encourage the use of them as transportation, leisure, health and sports in a conscious way and shared with other modes. Since its inception, more than 20 thousand people have already learned to ride a bicycle or have gained more confidence to use this means of transport.

Pedala Sorocaba Program

The “Escola do Pedala” is part of the “Pedala Sorocaba” Program, created to encourage the use of the bicycle as a modal transportation option in the city, besides the use for leisure.
The Pedala contributes, by means of actions and events of impact, to the mobilization of cyclists who are stimulated to practice their movements with the bicycles.
The program was based on international initiatives and experiences (Bogotá and Guadalajara) and emerged in Sorocaba in 2008. Since 2009, it has been coordinated by Urbes, whose focus on the concept of sustainable mobility has been implemented in its actions.