Drywall Decorating Ideas: Fast and Economical

Check out this design by architect Gustavo Calazans for the festival of construction.
Imagine the following situation: you bought an apartment of approximately 50m² with no partitions or coating. In full construction, no hurry to occupy the new house, but resources are limited.
It was from these requirements that the architect Gustavo Calazans conceived the design made with drywall that you see in the video! The result is a rapid, economical and clean work, since the material generates little waste, due to its screwed structure.
It is important to know that there are three different types of drywall, with specific uses. One is the conventional (white plate), for dry environments and general use. Here it appears on the walls, ceiling, benches, bed headboard, in addition to the sofa and dining table. The pink sheet is fire resistant and has been used for closing the top of the grill. It also has a moisture resistant option (green plate) suitable for wettable areas, which was used on the kitchen counter.

By choosing drywall use always keep in mind that it takes to plan. To install the TV on the panel that divides the bedroom from the living room, for example, before it was necessary tostrengthen the wall and put the least spaced amounts. In addition, you find specific supports to increase drywall resistance to the weight of the equipment.
After choosing the type of plaster plate to be installed, you must use thermal and acoustic insulation with rock wool or glass wool; metal profiles – guides and amounts; insulation tape;micro – perforated tape; bolts and masses specific grout for drywall.
The plaster lining facilitates facilities – whether electrical wiring, air conditioning or even lighting – that can be made apparent, it will be covered by own lining. It also helps, as its use to compose the decoration and delimit environments.
The furniture was also made with drywall. For them, it is essential to use double sheet or trilagem, well structured with profiles.
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How to put plasterboard (drywall)
Profiles and supports for construction with drywall construction and decoration.
When visiting the construction section. It is possible to find products that work as decorative effects.
The use of building materials gives originality to the fixtures, which are highlighted in the decoration. The model on the dining table was designed with Condulete and ballon lamps. Colored cables originated big bouquet next to the nightstand in the bedroom. Modules domes were also fixed to the walls with lamps arranged at the rear.
When choosing the kitchen floor, dare with the hydraulic tile. The material may have different purposes and creative. Note that it was also used on the kitchen counter, which extends to the area of the grill.
The room appears integrated into the rest of the space. The delimitation of the environment is clear with the use of this wall element and recessed ceiling coated with metal tiles. The countertop is made of drywall with application of cementitious coating imitating wood on both sides.
We liked the ideas the project architect Gustavo Calazans brought? Now just press play and give more details.