Dress in Layers

You know those days when temperatures fluctuate so much that you don’t know what to wear? In the morning it’s cold, but during the day’s heat, so it is often difficult to choose what you’re wearing.
In addition, there are workplaces that have air conditioning or central heating and it is not always possible to find the ideal temperature for all employees. In this case, the best option is to dress in layers, IE do overlays of parts, which can easily remove where necessary throughout the day.
Dress in layers
Bet on overlays of parts, like wearing a pullover over a shirt or wear a jacket. So, if you have cold or heat can resolve this issue quickly and easily by removing the third piece.
Invest in the third piece
A jacket or vest can make all the difference in your look. Not only because it lets the body less exposed and more protected, but also because it can make your look more elegant. Invest in a vest, blazer or Cardigan thin, you can use both at the Office and abroad.
Prefer lighter parts
To dress in layers you prefer lighter parts, so as not to add a lot of volume to the body or be more practical if you have to carry on hand during the day. A trench coat (raincoat) can be a good option to protect from wind and rain, because it can be used over a blazer or cardigan. In addition, the coats with cashmere blend are warmer and lighter, of the sheep’s wool, and can always opt for a mixture of wool.
Use a scarf or hood
This is an excellent way to protect themselves from the cold. Can use the scarf along the neck and use it on their shoulders in the workplace. A wool cover can also be very practical when there are temperature changes, because keeps the body warm and can be easily adjusted. Prefer light and fluffy materials that are more soft and comfortable. These parts can also be a great way to add some color to your coordinated, so don’t be afraid to use colorful accessories.
Adjust the sleeves
A mesh blouse or shirt, allows you to roll up your sleeves. So, can the sleeves up if you have heat and lower them if you lower the temperature. But attention so that they do not get too wrinkled, they may pass a sloppy air.