Do Benefits Offering Security in Bars Cameras?

The bars provide 36% of employment in tourism sector, so that its economic impact is of great importance. So that new technologies allow greater control and optimization in the same operations, unfortunately, levels of insecurity in them has been increasing impacting economically and above all, the confidence of the consumer.
The bars with the passage of time has been the need to implement stricter security controls.
So that video surveillance systems have been gaining ground in this area, however, there are occasions which are not obtained the desired results because of the image quality of the teams or omitted important areas in the surveillance, which may later cause a critical security flaw.
Cameras strategically installed in the correct sites will allow security personnel to perform a constant monitoring and act much more effectively at the time of incidence.
The bars and restaurants work with cash and “put the hand in the box” is relatively easy, so cameras allow owners to control staff: opening hours of the bar, the type of clientele that comes, whether invited or not people, cleaning rod, discharge and storage of product, etc.
The main features that must have the security camera, ideal for a bar are as follows:

  • Color image of high quality and infrared at night
  • To allow access by internet security cameras will monitor from any smartphone in real time what is happening
  • Store the video captured by the video surveillance system
  • Having a system does not break that provide power to the cameras continue playing or recording video even if there is a power failure or sabotage.
  • Security cameras in the parking lot, a place that you should not ignore

Security systems prices have dropped which allows greater accessibility to such systems.
You have referred to the use of these security systems in your business?