Dinosaur Themed Birthday: 18 Amazing Ideas!

Jurassic Giants are ready to break into the children’s Party. See ideas!
The dinosaur-themed birthday is shaping up to be a big hit among children, since you learn working with the characters in Jurassic decoration, on the menu, the party favors and activities. Read and discover incredible ideas to put into practice your child’s Party.
“Dinosaur” is super high when it comes to children’s Party for boys. After walking a long forgotten, the theme returned with full force, thanks to the release of the film Jurassic World.

Ideas for dinosaur themed birthday

The House Party & panned on the Internet great ideas for the dinosaur-themed birthday party. Check out:

1. Red theme birthday

It is very important that the little guests feel involved with the birthday party theme, so it’s worth customize hats with elements characteristic of the dinosaurs. Make small triangles with colored paper and attach them to the back of each hat. The result is super fun and creative.

2. Main table

The main table is often the center of attention of the children’s Party. She gets featured in time to sing happy birthday, cut the cake and take pictures for the album. To decorate, try working with wild colors such as green, brown and yellow. Details in beige and orange combine with the dinosaur theme. Use and abuse of materials like leaves, jute, straw, wood and grass.

3. Chocolate Eggs

Anyone who has ever watched a movie know that life dinosaur of the Jurassic giant always begins inside an egg. Be inspired by this to prepare eggs, chocolate (like those that are made for Easter) and use them in the decoration of the birthday party. In the image above, the eggs appear on a surface of leafy greens, along with a miniature dinosaur.

4. Dino ornaments

To enhance further the theme of the party, you must bet in plastic dinosaurs of all kinds and sizes. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pteranodon, Brachiosaurus and Elasmosaurus are some characters that cannot stop attend your son’s Party. In toy stores you find many interesting options to buy.

5. Cool party favors

The swag cannot be left out of a children’s birthday party. When the topic is worth it, perfect. In the image above we have a great idea: a transparent acrylic tub, decorated with artificial grass and miniature dinosaur. A container so “cute” to hold jelly beans and decorate the main table.

6. Chocolate fossils

You are in search of creative ideas for the party? Then take a look at these fossils of chocolate. These delicacies were confeitadas with whim to decorate the main table and won a support of wood to strengthen the wild aspect.

7. Fossil dinosaur cake

The decoration of this birthday cake is super easy to make and has a creative concept, that will surely captivate the little guests. In addition to being surrounded by Kit Kat, this cake has a dinosaur fossil in your center, made of fondant. To simulate the sand, cocoa powder works very well.

8. Fake Cake

Instead of using a real cake to decorate the main table, try adopting a fake cakes. Be sure to customize it according to the theme, using colorful EVA and other materials.

9. Platelets in sweets

Print banners with drawings of dinosaurs and use them to decorate sweets such as Brigadier and kisses. You can also bet on badejas and colored liners, to leave the more cheerful decoration.

10. Colorful cake Nuked

If you want to leave the party with theme “dinosaur” more colorful, then bet on naked cuke. This cake without coverage can have colored masses, as shown above. Valued colors resemble the Jurassic universe (green, Orange, yellow and beige).

11. Dinosaur balloons

Use the party balloons to make dinosaurs and suspend them with nylon cord in the ceiling. That’s right! You just need to choose resistant bladders and thinking about the body parts of each species. Use colorful shelf according to the color of each balloon. The result is super fun.

12. Nests of dinosaur

Are you looking for a creative way to prepare Brigadier? So look the suggestion just above. Each cupcake was decorated with sprinkles, but won dinosaur eggs to simulate the pteranodon’s nest.

13. Each bladder, a dinosaur

Before filling each balloon, put a miniature dinosaur. These toys are sold in packages and make success among children. Just be careful to choose a tough bladder.

14. Dinosaur legs

Using colored cards, create dinosaur legs so that the children can use during the party. Make the perfect fit for the feet and adopt the birthday girl as a template.

15. Small scenarios

Each cup sugar can turn into a real Jurassic scenario. Use a miniature dinosaur, a small tree and bran cake for decorating. The idea is nice, but recommended only for children’s parties with more than 7 years.

16. Fossil in miniature

If you find the thumbnail of the fossil of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, be sure to include it in the decoration. The King of the dinosaurs is one of the most beloved figures for boys.

17. Dinosaur footprints

Time to decorate the floor of the party, try working with dinosaur tracks. Create paths that lead to strategic points, as is the case of the main table.

18. Fossil hunt

Hide dinosaur fossils (toy) in a large sand box and call for children to find them. You can also improvise this idea using EVA white to make the parts. Later, the little guests will have the challenge of assembling the dinos.
Bet on these tips for organizing a dinosaur-themed birthday unforgettable. If you have any further legal idea, share it with us by leaving a comment.