Diesel Jeans: Combine

The jeans is one of the most democratic parts in both the female and the male wardrobe, she combines with any age and occasion. The Diesel is one of the most prestigious brands of jeans, they combine comfort, beauty, style and durability. You will learn how to combine the Diesel pants in your visual, always respecting your body type.

  1. To meet the most varied styles, the diesel has several lines of denim jeans. There are several models and fits, everything for you to find what suits you more. Slim modeling is one of the most sold for women and men. In this model cut Pant is straight and fair enough to the body, for those who want to disguise the size of the hips and the ideal is to buy the pants in dark washes. This template you can use folding a little bar and showing the ankles, the folding must be misaligned and thin. For men, this type of pants can be worn with flip-flops and a t-shirt. To women, these pants combines with brightness and high heels.
  2. The novelty of Slim pants is the Slim Boot. In this new model the cut remains straight, but the mouth is wider. This model is typically male and can be used with low or high boots. These pants also combines with a wide belt and a t-shirt for men bereft of high visual is more balanced.The Super Skinny pants a while back was used only by rockers and country music singers, nowadays this kind of pants suits any style mainly because it combines perfectly with visual day and night. For those who have thin legs, the ideal is to use the wrinkled bar, as this will give volume. This type of pants is not indicated for women who have thick legs and hips, as will call further attention to these parts of the body. You can find this denim pants resined and several washes and trims.
  3. The Relaxed Straight jeans is used to compose a more stripped down, in this model the cut is wider at hips and down until the bar. Is a very comfortable pants, is ideal for men who want to disguise thick legs. This model should be avoided by men too thin. You can choose a style wash dirty or that apparent have some stains. This home combines with mesh shirts and vintage-style sneakers.