Dictionary App for iPhone!

How many have not been the times when you were in doubt about the meaning of a Word? Or until your translation, even the most fluent? For anyone who is learning a language, a dictionary is inseparable. And who is more experienced, can not do without a to be surprised in unusual situations.
So who has a device with Apple’s iOS operating system comes out ahead with the application Languages. He is a fast translation application that works offline without internet connection.

Most applications of translation requires an internet connection. The Languages stores all of the words in the phone itself, so you’ll always have translation when you need it, if you’re on the road and not have the internet in your hands
Another advantage is the speed. Start typing a few letters and boom, you already have the translation you need. The search system is also unified: type a Word from any language and you will get the results you want. There is no need to keep changing.
Do a search for dictionary can be tiresome, but it is sometimes useful and fun to explore a language, navigating through the words in alphabetical order. He also brings the common phrases for most languages. Good for you don’t starve out of Brazil and learn at least as asking how to go to the bathroom.
Are 12 complete dictionaries:

  • Spanish-English
  • German-English
  • French-English
  • Italian-English
  • Dutch-English
  • Portuguese-English
  • Swedish-English
  • French-Italian
  • French-Spanish
  • French-German
  • German-Italian
  • German-Spanish

Despite the application not being free, it is very cheap and worth every penny, and can be downloaded via this link.
To further improve your browsing by Languages, some tips: tap and hold the zoom index lyrics, slide to the right to search. In the research, to the left to go back to the dictionary and to the right to clear a search. Use two fingers (writingles) to close a dictionary. Tap and hold to move a dictionary on the shelf. Tap a Word to copy it. Touch the flag icon to change the primary language.