Despite Injunction, Haddad Paints a New Bike Path in Gardens

Although the courts have barred the city from implementing new bicycle paths in São Paulo, the management Fernando Haddad (PT) painted 457.9 meters of streets in Jardim América, in the south, between the night of the day before yesterday (23) and the Dawn yesterday (24). In the morning, the work surprised residents and drivers of the area.
In an injunction issued on Friday, the judge of the 5th Public Treasury Court of the Capital, Luiz Fernando Rodrigues Guerra, set a daily fine of R $ 10,000 if the prohibition were not complied with. The court, however, explained that the document proving that the defendant, in the case of the municipal administration, has not been informed of the injunction, has yet to file suit.
“I left here yesterday (7:45 p.m.) at 7:45 p.m., and when I came back today (around 8:00 p.m.), the street was painted. They did not see anyone, no one was warned,” said a 50-year-old security guard who preferred Not be identified. For residents of the Gardens, the City Hall committed “abuse of authority and disrespect to justice,” as argued Célia Finari, 49, a resident of Rua Honduras. “Haddad went over the law. He should pay it out of his pocket,” he said. Celia said cycling routes hindered neighborhood traffic. For her, the region is only residential. “The street is public, but it’s mine too,” he said. In addition to the road where Celia lives, the City Hall painted the Streets of Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia and the Plaza de Guianas.
Those who work in the area also complained. Yesterday, 26-year-old receptionist Evelyn Meneguetti had to park her car about 200 meters from where she usually left off. “I was afraid of taking a ticket and I have other doubts. I do not understand this story of the Justice prohibiting, and even then, the City Hall continue to paint,” he said. “I’ve been working here for eight years and I almost never see anyone cycling. There’s a lot of drivers who are going to be afraid that I have to park the car further,” said valet Fernando Eduardo, 26. Both he and Evelyn work in a beauty salon on one of the streets that received the painting.
The Traffic Engineering Company (CET) reported that”the implementation of the bicycle path in Honduras Street had been carried out until the day before,” when the body officially became aware of the Justice’s decision and “suspended work”. The measure applies to other cycle paths. The CET was cited by Justice and now has to present the defense of the projects in 60 days.
Also according to the CET, the decision does not include the existing bike lanes, “which can be maintained”. The company explained that the region’s tracks began to be implemented last month. Guerra partially complied with the request made by the Housing and Urban Justice Minister Camila Mansour Magalhães da Silveira to suspend the construction of all the city’s bicycle paths. The only cycleway released for construction is that of Avenida Paulista. In order for the City Hall to be fined, the State Public Prosecutor must indicate the places where there was noncompliance with the decision. (Contributed by Caio do Valle).