Dakota Shoes Summer Spring Collection

Some brands of popular shoes are already known as the public to expect a new collection. This is the case of the Dakota, with over 10 years in the market in multi – brand stores and for its quality and low price, are successful. We have in stores collection Dakota in 2016, with much nice to be worth One taste on your own trip to the mall.

Models and Photos Collection Dakota 2016

The new collection brings the Dakota models for all tastes, from the dear rasteirinhas that the brand has immortalized in its permanent collection, even more daring models like the beautiful high heels. Starting underneath, our dear creepers, we have 12 beautiful models. The brand is following the market trend when it comes to launch sparkles and rhinestones on the shoes. Brands like Grendha, Vizanno and azalea are also new collections for 2016 quite jeweled models. It’s nice, but it takes a little more daring to use
Compared to previous collections, the creepers were well even discrete. The Dakota maintains the basic black sandal with stones and discrete metals and few colors, with details in yellow, green only a model with animal print pattern. The fashion now is to be basic and perhaps invest once and be ready for different occasions.
Want more colors? Stay with casual collection shoes brand casual shoes with cheerful prints thinking about summer. It has shoe with ethnic pattern of leopard and plans to be ready for everything. The shoes Dakota are already famous for their low price and comfort, so it is worth investing if you have not used. And speaking of basic shoes, there are 10 models of the ones moccasins, shoes that were off the agenda but returned with all last year. The brand invests in different colors for each model, with sober tones like beige and black, but the bright colors like blue, yellow, mustard and the like. The highlight is the espadrilhes brand with ethnic prints, pure luxury.
And like any good brand of women’s shoes, high heels can not miss, right? We have high sandals for all types. Thin heels are off the agenda and the brand has not invested much, but kept some older models of success. We are quite high thick heels, with median clogs, medium heels and low and quite precious stones. Stone, color and joy forming flower designs at the top of the sandal are the bet for pumping in the spring summer fashion 2016.

If you are the casual and chic type, invest in birkens, almost flat sandals with a little leap average, nothing too high as to tired to walk. There is a constant presence of beige and brown in the new collection Dakota 2016 with quite closed prints, muted colors. The cool thing is that the same sandal model changing small details and becomes a completely different shoes, a great invitation for a new purchase.
And like every good collection could not miss sneakers, is not it? Only six models with more than five color variations. We have pointed, rounded and light models and plans short hops, keeping the collection last year. Stones once again abundant in the various models of the brand, with drawings of flowers, butterflies or just elegant symbols. Are beautiful models for casual fashion.
Sandal Dakota Is Good?
With prices below R$100 , there are those who doubt that this is even a good shoe brand. Yes it is. Very high prices of some shoes more closely related to the name of the market that quality of the product itself. Very invested in accessories has a direct relationship with the status. A shoe Calvin Klein can go by R$600 and you find a quality brand unique in the market but not so famous for only R$300. Status and fame are the big meters women’s shoes.
Prices Dakota 2016 collection are between R$80 and R$120. They are good considered for the selection of the market, especially because the brand does not have own shop and competes with giants of popular market. Competitors like Moleca have shoes of R$30 , and have high prices too much is not a good thing.