Cyclist Vivi Favery Faces Final Test

Specialized Factory Team athlete will compete this Sunday (22) at the opening of Big Biker in Minas Gerais. Team mate Orlando Alves will also be in the race São Paulo (SP)-Following a double day, divided between the office, in the area of ​​marketing and cycling, São Paulo’s Vivi Favery will do his last race on Sunday (22) Of the international Pisgah Stage Race in April in the United States. This weekend Vivi competes in Itanhandu, South of Minas, in the Big Biker, MTB marathon won by her in 2012 and 2013. Also of the Specialized Factory Team, Orlando Alves will start the same day the search for the fourth title of the competition.
The racer’s preparation for the five-day intense pedal race in North Carolina was started four months ago, including the Ravelli GP in Serra Negra (SP), the Four Seasons MTB in San Francisco Xavier (SP), and Now the Big Biker. In the United States, Vivi will compete in the ultramarathon with 225 km of extension and more than 6,000 meters of slope.
After winning the first two competitions of the year, Vivi expects another good result in Itanhandu, where she won her first competition in the women’s elite.”I hope to print a strong and consistent rhythm at the opening of the Big Biker, and in three weeks I will compete in the Pisgah Stage Race and my goal in Minas is to evaluate the results of the training, Who will pedal his S-Works Era Full.
In Itanhandu, Pró’s cyclists, Vivi and Orlando category, will face a total of 2,000 meters of accumulated climbs on 94 km of trails. “It was in Itanhandu, in 2013, my first win in the women’s elite, for this and other reasons, I have a special affection for this stage, I like to reach the Palmital Range in the second half of the race. Of saw as well as in recent years,”he adds.
Pisgah Stage Race – Main competition in the season for Vivi, the event in the United States is among the challenges that the paulistana has set as a goal for the season. The rider has already included in her curriculum relevant evidence such as, two editions of Brazil Ride, Ultramaratona da Bahia, disputed under 40 °C in the Chapada Diamantina, Way of Santiago de Compostela, with 900 km covered in six days without support, and Sani2c, A three-day race in eastern South Africa.
“The biggest challenge at the Pisgah Stage Race will be the technical part and how badly the course will be subjected to the worst weather conditions such as rain and snow, if it rains and snows, I will be happy to finish the stage without mechanical problems. That I have the potential to walk strong, but the level is different.At the outside, athletes are accustomed to more technical circuits.I have to spend more energy than the opponents.A good result in the overall ranking is the goal and if achieved, will be reason Of pride,”he says.
Orlando Alves in search of the Tetra-Orlando Sao Paulo, also a MTB cyclist in long distance, begins on Sunday the search for the maintenance of the position of current champion of the Big Biker in the elite male category. To repeat the feats of 2010, 2011 and 2014, Orlando will count on Itanhandu with its full suspension bike, the S-Works Epic World Cup, as the main ally in the tracks of the South of Minas.
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