Cropped Pants: How to Use

Cropped pants are still high and are great options for the summer, since there are alternatives to a look more fresh, stylish and with legs covered (after all, you can’t stay with the legs out, all the while).They have this name because the word is of English origin and means “cut; shortened “. Your bar can be positioned in the middle of the calf or near the ankle. Can appear fairer models or loose, offering opportunity to recovery of any body type or stature. Currently, they have become a fever, but the parades of SPFW showed that this trend does not stay only in the summer. The cropped pants also promise to continue in the fall-winter 2013.

How To Wear Cropped Pants

The main feature of the cropped pants is that they cause the impression that the legs are shorter. This happens because of the Division they create, creating this visual effect. Skinny and tall women are quite fortunate with the piece, and can use them in more larguinhas versions or in straight cuts, adjusted to the body. Can also take advantage of hops or low shoes, like sneakers and even flats in looks casual attire.
On the other hand, women of short stature should avoid very wide models, especially if you choose to wear flat shoes. The tip here is to give preference to tighter pants, because this is a way to lengthen the silhouette. Even in this case, good options are the blouses with colors similar to the pants. Finally, use cropped pants with heels helps stretch your legs, especially if the shoe is in nude color and thin beak or, in the case of sandals, with the tips of your fingers out. This makes the discovery part of the legs look longer.

Hips And Legs

These are the most delicate cases, concerning the use of cropped pants. Small hips may appear larger, opting for more free models in this region, but funnel them, until you reach the bar. Women with big hips, on the other hand, should give preference to cropped pants baggy, with straight cut, in dark tones.This creates a volume, the thighs to the calf, balancing the hip measurement. Finally, who has thick legs should avoid tight models, too, in this region. The more attached the pants are in the leg, the more it will seem thick. Prefer the most loose.