Costing Expensive New Chromecast and Chromecast Audio Go on Sale in Brazil

Google starts selling the second generation of Chromecast in Brazil on Tuesday (26). The small device that connects to any TV with HDMI input is very cheap in the United States, costing $ 35, but comes to the country with high price: here, both the Chromecast as Chromecast Audio will be marketed by salty R price $ 399.
The purpose of the 2nd generation Chromecast remains the same as the previous model: turn your TV into a portable media receiver, controlled by smartphone or computer. It supports Android, iOS and any other machine with Chrome to play YouTube media, Netflix, Spotify Play Globe and numerous other services. Find out what you can do with a Chromecast.
The difference is in performance, thanks to the support 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks and Fast Play, which reduces the application load time by up to 80%. In addition, the design similar to a flash drive out to give way to a “flying saucer” with flexible HDMI cable, allowing the gadget fits in more places without relying on the extender.
Chromecast Audio, also sold for more than triple the amount charged in the United States, exchange TVs by audio systems. Instead of HDMI, it has an analog cable 3.5mm to play content in any speaker. You can also buy multiple Chromecast Audio and play music in various speakers at the same time.
Both models will be sold by major retail chains from this Tuesday (26), with a suggested retail price of $ 399. We have analyzed the 2nd generation Chromecast. Read the review and find out if it is worth buying the new gadget Google media.