Compensate for Buy the Galaxy S4 Who Already Has the Galaxy S3?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was officially presented. But is he an update for owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 or one that you can put aside for now? Let’s find out.

Compensate for Buy the Galaxy S4 Who Already Has the Galaxy S3
Time to Market
Assuming a high-end cell phone continues to date for a period between 2 to 3 years, we have to take into consideration that the S3 will have less than a year at the S4 and launch with a cheaper value.

Like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has features present a plastic body, instead of worked best designs like the HTC One. This gives a feeling a bit “cheap” for the phone. However, the improvements to the intelligent design enabled a larger screen in S4. Is the same height as the S3 Galaxy, a little less wide and almost 1 mm thinner.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in black and white finishes, while the S3 already has a larger variety. However, it is expected that more colors available over time. See it on
The new phone has an eight-core chip and the old have 4 cores. It’s a little more complicated than that, however. The chip Exynos the S4 Galaxy 5 is more like two quad-core processors stuck together: a more basic, dedicated to the most basic tasks and a more powerful processor, dedicated to processes and tasks of greater complexity. The idea is that so, the S4 can save more battery.
But that means the S4 Galaxy is not more powerful than the S3. Is basically the same processor just clocked a little bigger. The biggest difference is that it has twice the RAM, with 2 GB vs. 1 GB of S3. And it makes a great difference in the time to run programs with greater fluidity.
Is perhaps the biggest difference between the two models. The central panel technology from Samsung Galaxy S4 is the same as that observed in its predecessor. Both use AMOLED. Only a few changes in technology. The PenTile matrix has changed a little to help fit in all the extra pixels on the new phone. We left a phone with HD resolution for a Full HD in a nearly 5-inch screen and a density of pixels per inch.
Samsung has introduced a lot of new features with the Samsung Galaxy S4. These include, but are not limited to, air, Smart Scroll gestures, WatchON, translator, a redesigned camera and playback application.
These are extra that allow you to interact with the phone without touching the screen, allow you to replace your remote controls with an application, translate emails and texts at the time and just let go by text by tilting your phone.
However, with time the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have most of these features, as well as also has guaranteed the update until at least Android 5.0.
Galaxy S4 has a solid camera upgrade. He has a 13-megapixel sensor, representing a major upgrade of the 8MP sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S3.
In good lighting conditions, the S4 Galaxy should produce images with more detail than the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, as the sensor size is not much larger than the average of smartphones, he will struggle in low light conditions as well as most phones.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a live video HDR mode, however. HDR involves the fusion of two exhibitions, collecting the details of both to create an image slightly larger and with more details. The camera application interface also underwent positive changes.
You Must Buy the Galaxy S4?
The Samsung Galaxy S4 offers more power, a larger, more detailed screen and a better camera. We also have an infrared sensor that allows you to use the appliance as a remote control for TV sets. However, there are accessories that play the same role in S3.
Most of the updates of the S4 will eventually be added to the Samsung Galaxy S3, software updates. And the price in Brazil, more than R$2000 is very prohibitive. And we guarantee with 100% certainty, that this price will download already during the first months of sale. For now, it’s an unnecessary update. But who know more by the end of the year he does not become a good Christmas present?