Colorful Pants: Tips for Using

Colored pants are in fashion! Summer is the season when you can use and abuse of colors and prints.Currently the colors of the neon line and the candy colors are the shades up. But how to use these parts without going over or look tacky? Is simple. Just combine the shades of the pants with the rest of the visual. Then split up some tips on how to use colored pants. Check out!

How To Use Colored Pants

If you want to wear the pants in yellow, for example, bet on warm shades accessories. The striped or patterned shirt of the same color are great choices to match the pants. The color does not necessarily need to be the same, just be a tone very close or that matches the color of the pants.
The color blocking that for a while been doing success continues in high this season. The Orange skirt with a blouse blue or green leaves look bold. If you are a fan of jeans, denim shirts are great suggestions.
All dresses in black is a luxury, but the pink with black is stunning. Even if you don’t combine with another piece, black accessories too. In addition to black, the Navy and the nude are great choices for use with pink pants.
The emerald green is color trend for this year, so why not use the tonality to visual? The color is able to leave any sleek and sophisticated, even with the colored pants. Combining traditional green with Brown still stands, but for those who want something different and modern you can dare in combination with stripes.

Neutral Colors

For those who are afraid to risk the Tip is to use colored pants with neutral shades such as white, gray and black, no print.
The neon shades and the candy colors can be used both during the day and night. What really matters is the top which can vary both in color as in style. For the day, the Tip is to use colored pants with simple tops and clear coloring.
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Already for the night, bet on combinations with dark parts. The blouses with light background with prints and dark details are also released. A blazer and some accessories help to enrich the look for the night.