Clear Pants: Tips, How to Use without Errors

A very versatile and practical, the jeans combines with any style. The use of clear pants are great options for those who want to diversify. It’s a shade that suits almost all parts and hardly leaves something to be desired. Although it is relatively easy to compose a look with clear pants, then check out some tips to use it without any possibility of error:

Clear Pants How To Use

Anyone can use light pants, as long as I take some care with the body proportion. As the play gives the impression of legs, hips and gluteus maximus bigger bet on blouses and accessories that attract attention.
Usually the pants usually fall light well on tall people. However, the kids are not restricted. The tip is to bet on shoes and props. Already the fatties, must wear trousers and loose. No fair parts!


To use the clear pants without error, you have to know your own body to choose the most appropriate model. Thus, the following are some important tips!
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  1. avoid transparent parts and that mark too much;
  2. Who has thick legs should opt for a lightweight trousers;
  3. The kids should avoid the models that have very wide leg;
  4. The skinny are free to use templates and pantaloons;
  5. Slim and tall can use and abuse of the large wide.

Combine clear pants is a relatively easy task. To make a look more casual and low-key, neutral tones combinations like grey, black and white. To a visual daring bet on flashy colours, but without exaggeration.
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Use the abuse of creativity. After all, the jeans are versatile and goes well with any part and accessory. Just be careful with exaggerations. Following the above rules the probability of error in visual is pretty much minimal.