City Hall of Fortaleza-CE Installs Bicycle Parking in Ferreira Square

According to the city hall, 20 para cycles will be installed in the city. pajeú square and cidade do cidade also already have the equipment.
Praça do Ferreira won a paracycle, in front of the Oswaldo Cruz Pharmacy, in the Center of Fortaleza. The equipment is a bicycle parking lot, with free access and started working on Tuesday (17). The initiative makes “Sustainable Citizenship-To Live the City” project and is carried out in partnership with the Chamber of Shopkeepers (CDL).
According to the head of SCDH, Karlo Kardozo, “the first stage of the project stimulates the use of the bicycle as a systematic means of transport and offers better parking conditions for those who use the modal in the city, encouraging the reduction of pollution, the use of fossil fuel and the time spent in transit”.
According to the city hall, 20 parking lots will be installed, especially in high traffic areas. In December, the first two para cycles were inaugurated in Pajeú Square and in the Parque da Liberdade / Cidade da Criança. The other points that will receive paracycle will be Praça José de Alencar and Mercado dos Pinhões. In all, 60 free parking spaces for bicycles will be available.
In addition to the installation of the para cycles, the project “Sustainable Citizenship – To Live the City”has launched an illustrated almanac that contains specific contents about the bicycle and how it is used in Fortaleza. The content covers the reality of the cyclist in the municipality, mobility on two wheels, tips for cyclists and drivers, as well as testimonials of several Fortaleza cyclists who travel daily with the bicycle.
The publication will be distributed free of charge and received the contribution of several cyclists living in different regions of Fortaleza and movements of cicloativistas.