Christmas Origin History and Traditions

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Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is often called ‘feast of love’, many people like the advent season, because it provides a little comfort in the cold season. Common bake cookies, candlelight and singing Christmas carols together, spend the time at the Christmas market. During this time people get closer together, for many, it is a special feast, which is celebrated with family and joys.

Christmas Origin History and Traditions
Every year, almost 2 million Christians celebrate the birth of Christ on Christmas. In Christianity, Christmas belongs to the most important holidays in the year. Jesus is the son of God to Christian faith – he was chosen to deliver the people from their sins. Therefore his followers called him Christ, which means the anointed as the Savior. With Christmas, people also celebrate the “incarnation of God” in Jesus.
The exact birth date of Jesus Christ is not known, because nowhere in the Gospels of the Bible a date is written. The church commits himself but later on the 25th of December, one day in December. That many people a month where it is dark and cold, a season actually not so much like. It is said that no light nothing can grow and flourish, thus no life can arise. As of late December, days are however getting longer and the nights shorter. In all cultures, so the Solstice was celebrated at that time. Therefore it is celebrated on December 25 the day again took over the rule over the night. Meteorologically this will be now done 21st December; this time displacement came through a reform of the calendar system into existence in the 16th century.

The Church chose the 25th of December because they looked at Jesus as Light bringer and Savior. He even said once: “I am the light of the world.” However, there is a much simpler explanation for the choice of this date: on March 25 the birth of their son should be promulgated the Virgin Mary by the Angel Gabriel. If so it is assumed that Jesus came exactly nine months later to the world, the date of his birth falls on the 25th of December.
Not only the Christians celebrate Christmas every year, many people celebrate Christmas today, although they are not faithful Christians. Despite the Christian roots of many advent and Christmas customs, many people, especially in Western countries, Christmas today now look more as a cultural than as a religious celebration. Many criticize the fact that Christmas had become more and more a “Festival of consumption” which focuses on the Christmas shopping and gifts on top of everything.

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Many of the advent and Christmas traditions are an integral part of the Christmas season. Every year, the windows and facades of houses are adorned with lights and candle arches, placed the advent wreath with 4 candles on the coffee table and together baked cookies. Not to forget the Christmas tree, which was beautifully decorated just for the holidays the center of every living room. Santa Claus and Christmas are an integral part, although both cannot look back on a long tradition.
But now also Christmas gifts are an important part of Christmas, for instance watches.
Another Christmas tradition is the singing of Christmas carols. Surely, you know the one or the other Christmas song. On Christmas Eve and on Christmas day, many families sing both the first and second music. The song “Silent night, Holy Night” should be the most famous Christmas carol in the world. It has been translated into more than 300 languages and dialects.
The term “Christmas” comprises two word elements, namely from “Christmas” and “Nights”. The first word “wiha” derives from the Germanic and means Holy. And nights derived from night, it’s so the Holy nights.
Not to forget the Christmas gifts, which every year both small and large forward. The gifts will be presented in the context of the distribution in many families in the late afternoon or early evening of 24 December, Christmas Eve.

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And who doesn’t know? The big eyes of the children, sitting, waiting under the Christmas tree, to unpack the gifts wrapped lovingly in wrapping paper. Follow electrifying minutes and hours of the discovery. But not only the little ones enjoy it, to sit under the Christmas tree and remove the silver paper from the gifts full of excitement. It isn’t mostly about the size or the amount of the gift, is above all to the message and what ideas it has made with the purchase of the gift. After the distribution, there is usually a rich feast. Often there’s a Christmas goose or a carp. In families, there is usually a dinner party on December 25 and on Christmas Eve, less are more elaborate dishes like potato salad with sausage or even more often also only vegetarian dishes.
Christmas gifts, such as watches or jewelry, represents a voluntary transfer of property without asking for anything in return for it. In a figurative sense one can give someone also his love, his confidence or his attention. At Christmas, the mutual gift has become an important part of the festival today, if the gift of time is in the foreground. However, Christmas is always taken as an occasion with gifts of his family and friends to bring joy.

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Heralded the advent season with original advent calendars and daily small gifts, which suggest the anticipation of the big event will be this time. Also the craft of Advent Wreaths is common practice.
Meanwhile, faith issues, are Esotherik topics again a big part of the designs for jewelry. Angel jewelry, Angel Wings, Angel Rufer, jewelry of tree of life, crosses, Fatima’s hand, the protective hand.