Children's Swimwear

Who’s still on the pace of the holidays get your hands o/o/o/ #sqn Hahahahaha! The kids who should be doing the party, huh? Jeez good time, nothing like being a kid and not have to worry about! On the other hand, this period of school vacation requires care from their parents. Summer is synonymous with pool, beach, River, and you can never be too safe when it comes to children and water. The need to use floats depends a lot on how accustomed small are with water and, if your child is not feeling well using those of arm, a good alternative is to use swimwear with built-in buoys. This same dads and moms … have you ever heard of the Swimsuit Ball or,originally called Le Maiollot Bouée? Its concept is unique and is making the biggest success in the United States and European countries. The swimsuit is equipped with integrated buoys placed on the chest of the child to maintain an ergonomy and an ideal location, which allows freedom of movement and keeping the body up allowing the child to coordinate their movements. It helps the small to gain confidence in the water and learn to swim. Later, the buoys can be removed in order to measure the progress of the child in the water (remembering that the child should remain under the constant supervision of an adult when playing in the water!). Isn’t that great? We were delighted with this news to the children’s swimwear!

The Le Maiollot Bouée was created by Belgian brand Beach Wear that quickly reached success and fame by developing this product super original and which has been tested in the laboratory. Over the years, they have launched other innovative products for children, such as swimsuits, bikinis and speedos with double protection that override the diaper, with UV protection and accessories such as shoes, hats and caps, t-shirts, sunglasses, all perfectly coordinated with the bathing suits. People, is Lohan cool! The swimsuits with built-in buoys are conquering the Tots around the world, pity that here in Brazil we still don’t know where you can find these products. You’ve seen here? Do you know any store that sells? If so, send us guesses because our inspiration for this post was all based on the foreign shops.