Children's Party Theme Decoration Little Prince

The little Prince is an incredible inspiration to decorate a party delicate, sophisticated and full of Enchantment.
The decoration of children’s Party of the little Prince is delicate and never goes out of fashion. The theme’s reveals perfect to celebrate the birthday of a child of up to three years and also serves as inspiration to decorate a baby shower. The theme is perfect to represent the innocence and the enchantment of childhood.
“The little Prince” is a book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The work was published in 1943 and stands as the best-selling French-language book in the world, with 143 million copies.

How to decorate a party of little Prince?

To value the little Prince theme at the party, it is necessary to work with some specific colors such as light blue, white and gold. The red, green, dark blue and yellow can also appear in the details of decoration.
The little Prince is the main character of the story, represented by a small blonde boy dressed as a little Prince. You can also work with other notable figures in the decoration, such as red roses, the stars, the planets, the Fox, the plane, the Aviator, the wild birds, the RAM, the Crown, the Baobab, the volcanoes and clouds.
Main table
The Provencal table yields a beautiful decoration for children’s Party theme little Prince because she has a romantic and delicate aesthetics. About the mobile, it is worth putting the cake decorated according to the theme in the center. The candy themed must also appear in delicate trays.
There are several options of candy that contribute with the decoration of the main table of the little Prince, as is the case of macarons baby blue, cupcakes pastry people with fondant, colored marshmallows, of pop cakes and chocolates decorated with theme elements. If it is not possible to bake all the sweets of thematic way, worth betting on platelets or custom packaging.
The main table asks embellishments, such as a copy of the little Prince in styrofoam, plastic, plush, MDF or other type of material. The other characters in the book also can be represented this way, as the fox, the snake and the Aviator. Delicate flowers in pots and a few red roses combine with the decor, as well as a wooden airplane. The souvenirs, when visually interesting, also contribute to the decoration of the main table.
The panel, which serves as a backdrop to the main table, is the highlight of the party. It can be mounted with EVA parts or with balloons, in light blue, white and yellow. If the goal is to let the decor with an aesthetic more clean, then it’s worth betting on comics with watercolors of the book or write the name of the birthday boy with banners.
The guest tables
Each table may have an arrangement with a red rose, which can be real or made with crepe paper. The star-shaped balloons filled with helium gas, leave the decorating with an effect even more interesting.
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