Children's Birthday Party at Home: Guide to Save

Your child’s birthday is coming up? Here’s how to organize a children’s party simple, cheap and fun.
Organizing children’s birthday party at home is not as easy as it sounds. Parents need to establish a list of preparations, containing all the essential things for the event. It is also important to take some care not to exceed the limit of the budget.
In times of economic crisis, are unlikely to spare money to rent a ballroom and so carry out the child’s birthday. With that, the best option is to organize the celebration at home and call friends to share this moment of joy. The event can be simple and homely, but that doesn’t mean less creativity and inspiration.

Tips for children’s birthday party at home

The House & Party drew up a guide to children’s birthday party at home. Check out:

List of guests

The first step is to sit down with the birthday boy and set the guest list. Take notes from friends from high school, the neighborhood club, among other spaces that the child attends. Be careful not to draw many people to the party, after all, the event will take place at home and there’s not much room. Many people also just make the birthday child.

Theme of the party

Many parents are in doubt regarding the choice of the theme for the children’s Party, but many ideas can be found inside the House. If the girl likes to play with dolls, for example, it’s worth turning the party into a large tea. On the other hand, if the child is a fan of a particular superhero, this character can serve as inspiration for the whole party.
There are some themes that are simple, fun and serve both for girls and for children, such as children’s birthday picnic. This theme is great for kids who are doing 1 year old and you still don’t have a clear preference with regard to design or character.


If you want to organize a children’s birthday nice and cheap, so start with the choice of the invitation. This piece can be made by hand, using materials such as felt or EVA. It is also possible to produce an art inspired by the theme of the party, sending print and distribute among the guests. Remember to make the distribution of invitations in advance, so that all children can buy gifts and plan.
Each convention must have essential information about the birthday party, as the name of the birthday girl, date, start time, end time and address.

Food and drink

When it comes to the child’s birthday, I can’t come up with much on the menu. The little ones like to eat sandwiches, snacks and sweets.
To save on the menu of children’s Party, replace the traditional snacks for hot dogs and pizzinha. Kids love this kind of fast food and the cost doesn’t weigh on the budget.
The party must also rely on good options for refreshing drinks. Most parents buy soda to serve children, and very worthwhile include juices on the menu as a healthier choice.
You can’t organize a children’s party without thinking about sweets. The celebration calls for goodies that make success with the children, as is the case of Brigadier, kisses, cupcakes and cakes-pop.
Parents can even order the birthday cake for children, but nothing to choose a filling too elaborate, with ingredients like plum, apricots or walnuts. Kids don’t like that stuff. The traditional chocolate cake is a choice that gives no room for error.


Planning your child’s birthday party decor without spending a lot of money is a real challenge. Parents need to find creative and simple outputs to decorate the space and stimulate the imagination of the little guests, through a playful, colorful and cheerful environment.
Based on the main theme colors, buy balloons. Fill the balloons and mount a beautiful arc, to decorate the bottom of the main table. It is also possible to make this decoration with banners stuck in a line of string, containing the name of the birthday boy.
The main table can be a Provencals mobile or solid wood. In the center, place the cake all over my balls according to the theme. In the remaining vacant spaces, include trays with pastries and vases with flowers. You can also include in the decoration theme related dolls. If the birthday boy already has toys that symbolize the theme, the composition is even easier and cheaper.
You can also customize the packaging of sweets that make up the table with images related to the subject. On the Internet you find these figures ready to print, cut and paste.
To decorate the table, remember to work the issue of time. Don’t arrange the plates and decorations on the same line. If necessary, use books and objects in the house to create a variation. Remember that every detail makes all the difference!

Attractions and activities

Child birthday decorations may not be the most sophisticated, but you can bet on fun attractions and activities to keep the small guests satisfied. You can, for example, hire one person to do face painting or sculptures with balloons. A magic show or a playhouse with puppet are also attractions that stimulate the imagination of small.
Some activities can be proposed to make children’s birthday even more fun. It is possible, for example, mobilize children in a fun, gymkhana set in the backyard of the house. If you don’t have much space, it is worth conducting a small workshop of cupcakes, in which each child makes your sweet and take it as a souvenir home.
Traditional children’s party toys also tend to make the party more fun and do not weigh on the budget, as is the case of the rental of bounce house or pool balls.

Party favors

There are many options for cheap child birthday party favors, just simply use good taste and creativity to make the right choice. In general, the marmitinha with treats is the most economical choice and that pleases kids easily.
To be able to save at the birthday party, you should research the prices of suppliers before making orders. Even with these tips the event does not fit into your budget, consider the possibility of organizing the party along with a classmate to do birthday at the same time.
The children’s birthday party at home has everything to be a great success, as long as you don’t forget any of the topics presented above. I’m sure the birthday boy will have a great time and the event will yield beautiful souvenir photos.