Charles Zimmermann's New Book Tells a Bicycle Trip's Adventures

Work will be launched Thursday at the bookstores catarinense do neumarkt shopping, in blumenau.
Two faces in half print the cover of the new book of the Santa Catarina’s Charles Zimmermann. Divided in half, the photographs suggest that the women portrayed there are the same person. The reader hardly knows that they are 8,000 kilometers apart. The discrepancy, says the author, is purposeful: despite the distance, he wanted to show that we are all the same. And it was precisely the belief in equality that led to Travessia – 747 Bicycle Days for the World, a work that synthesizes the art of reviewing and discovering what exists on the other side of the globe. The launch in Blumenau is scheduled for 19:30 on Thursday at the Neumarkt Shopping Bookstores in Santa Catarina.
The project began in 2004, when Charles decided to drop everything and embark on a journey into the unknown. Backpack in the back, chose the bike as a means of transportation. The script of little more than two years by four continents began in New Zealand and was traced in other 39 countries. In total there were 2 thousand kilometers covered.
“The bike took me to more distant places, I could not imagine how many things I could see. I noticed the everyday life where locals stretch, spread their clothes, raise chickens and children, and do their daily work in front of their homes,”says the writer.
Charles is not the first to look in literature for a space to share his cycling adventures.Last year the journalist Letícia Coimbra launched Pedalando in the Field of Stars – Of Bike in the Way of Santiago. In 2004’s Return to Life, athlete Lance Armstrong shows how he overcame cancer to become one of the greatest cyclists of all time. In a quick search on the Livraria Cultura website, at least five titles from Brazilian authors can be found.
– Travel literature is a tradition dating back to the early nineteenth century. Adventurers like Richard Burton ran the world and then shared their experiences in books that have been hugely successful among the European public. Reports of two-wheeled journeys are a spontaneous unfolding of this trend: they combine the tradition of great adventurers with contemporary ideologies such as protection of the environment and reunion with mother nature – explains the writer Maicon Tenfen.
In the 259 pages of Crossing, Charles reveals the mishaps and learning of the journey.He says that to remember every detail he kept journals in which he wrote almost every night before bed. In addition to the written reports, the author documented several images-more than 100 of them reproduced in the book, which was later made via the Elisabete Anderle Award.
Cyclist Marines Ronchi, who read the work, says that Charles’s narrative captured the adventurous spirit of those in love with the bike:
– I identified myself perfectly because I have already done four bike trips around the world. Even if I were not a cyclist I would have liked the work because it makes us travel. Adventuring through the world of cycling requires a lot of courage and detachment, “he says.
Even having lived what many people consider the experience of a life, the writer does not rule out a repetition in the future:
“I have plans to go on a new trip around the world.”I would like to go to Japan to pedal, I am fascinated by the Japanese culture. Pedaling the great distances of Australia … It’s flat,”Charles says.