Cell Phone Needs Protection for the Screen?

This question is very common among people who buy a mobile device again. Most devices out there nowadays use Gorilla Glass, which is a more resistant glass, or at least something similar. Even with a better protection, it’s worth noting that screen savers offer a bit more than just risk protection on the screen. Here are some other uses for the screen saver:
Anti-Glare: like all devices that have glass screen, it can make your device very difficult to see under the sun while you may not need to protect themselves against risks, there are still some great screensavers out there that give a feeling more dull for the screen, saving you the brightness and allowing you to see the screen wherever you are;

Anti-Finger Prints (prints): the other thing you may have noticed is that, while these devices look great out of the box, they get covered in fingerprints after only a few minutes of use. If you don’t want to clean them constantly with a cloth to make a good appearance, you might consider a protector with this feature;
Other shiny surfaces: even if your screen does not need protection, other parts of your device still need. Most iPod models, for example, still has that Nice metal support, but vulnerable to risks. You can always put a cover, but if you hate most of the covers that add to your device, or if you just like the original design of the device, there are a number of screen savers that will cover the back of your appliance too;
Old cheap phones: If, by some miracle, you buy a device more 3 years old that is not yet covered in scratches, remember that these devices are still vulnerable. Take a screen saver for any device used or refurbished to prevent it being damaged.
Also, remember that while the original screen of your appliance is scratch resistant, it is not magic. If you keep your phone in the same Pocket as your keys, your screen is still likely to be a little battered. So, if you’re thinking of being a bit “thick” with your phone, you can always add a screensaver to be safe. Of course, as much as we love screen savers, also found the device surfaces smoother and more agile. But unless you plan to leave your cell phone inside the box, the protectors will help a lot in time to prevent small scratches that make us so frustrated.