Cell Phone Good and not Too Expensive! Your First Smartphone!

Are you wanting to buy your first smartphone and do not know how to choose one? No need to despair yet. We are here to help you get acquainted with your first smartphone so you do not buy something that you go to spend too much or even buy a cell phone that you are disappointed as soon as you get home to make the first use of it.

Cell Phone Good and not Too Expensive! Your First Smartphone!

Think about what you want to do with your first smartphone

It’s important to choose a smartphone with the features you need:

  • What do you think you can do with your smartphone, in addition to calls or texts?
  • Will you be watching movies in HD and downloading many apps and games or are you looking to do a little internet browsing, check your email and make calls?
  • Do you love taking pictures of your family and friends, but hate uploading a bulky digital camera?
  • Want to have a travel companion to be able to guide you via a map or other GPS program?

There is no benefit in paying more for a phone with features that you will not fully utilize, but you need to make sure that your smartphone is powerful enough to keep up with your needs.

Understanding the main features of a true smartphone

Generally, the main characteristics of a smartphone are:

  • E-mail and access to social networks: you receive alerts when new messages or updates, allowing access to various social networks and chat applications;
  • Internet browsing: you can browse the web, watch videos and have multiple tabs open to view multiple sites;
  • Camera: Most smartphones now support HD video recording and high quality photos, as well as front and rear cameras;
  • Applications: Small programs that you download from an “application store” that add features to your phone.

Which of these characteristics are you likely to use, and which ones are most important to you, based on your lifestyle?

Some phones will have better cameras, while others will have a faster processor. If calls and battery life are the most important things to you, you may not need a smartphone, just a good quality mobile phone. However, if you would like to receive your email and social notifications on the move, and you enjoy a local web browsing, a smartphone can be a good request, even more with the possibility of 3G or up to 4G connection depending Where do you live in Brazil?

Do not be afraid to switch to a smartphone. We can guide you along this path and smartphones are intuitive enough for you to be using them in no time at all.

Think about how you want your smartphone to be and work

Have an opinion on the shape of the smartphone. Have you ever used a touch screen to navigate a device? Do not worry if you’ve never done it, most modern smartphones are super-sensitive to your touch and smartboards intelligently know how you type, to help anticipate and correct errors.

If you are nervous about moving physical buttons to sensitive screens, there are still good quality smartphones that have physical keyboards and are not difficult to use.

If you are happy to use a touch screen and would like to maximize your experience, it is worth remembering that the larger, the better to surf the web, games and sessions of movies and serials. Depending on your budget and platform preference (Android, BlackBerry, Apple iOS or Windows Phone), the options are quite varied. Just remember to marry a large screen with a powerful processor, because the larger the screen, the more it requires the device to process.

Think about how much you want to pay on your first smartphone

Just like any decent bit of technology, smartphones can be expensive. Fortunately, spreading the cost of your phone over a contract with a carrier means you do not have to pay for the view if you do not want to. There is always the option to pick up a plan that offers free smartphones as well. These, even if basic, can be a good start in the world of smartphones to get accustomed to what you like and dislike in your handset.

For a first smartphone, it would also limit costs by a maximum of $ 1500.00. Phones above this are basically more focused handsets for more “old” users in the world of smartphones and will certainly have different skill levels that you will not use.

What devices and other services do you use?

If you already have an Apple iPod Touch, an Apple TV or an Apple Mac computer, you may find it makes more sense to buy an iPhone. These devices can “talk” to each other, allowing you to sync music and movies through them and easily access your content. So if you have a movie stored on your iPhone, you can send it to your TV through your Apple TV. If you already use iTunes to manage your music, an iPhone would also be a sensible choice, although you can easily move your iTunes music to an Android smartphone.

If you use a range of Google services, for example, Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Drive to edit documents in the cloud, an Android device can seamlessly sync with your lifestyle. Google services comes embedded in the phone, so you’re always just a touch away from maps, apps and content.

For those of us who depend heavily on Microsoft Office and Outlook, or the lucky ones with an XBox 360 or XBox One console, a Windows Phone can be tailored. The main attraction for the Windows Phone operating system, besides being very easy to use, is that Microsoft Office Outlook comes embedded. You can view, edit, and share documents from your phone, as well as log into your XBox Live account to use your smartphone as a second screen for some games and even use it as a “remote control” for your video game.

Do not be afraid, help is here

If you need help choosing your first smartphone, the comments below are open for you. We respond as quickly as possible. Do not worry or be in a hurry. Compare, search and so, make sure you’re putting your money in a handset that will really be a great first smartphone.