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4 Ideas for a Wedding at the Perfect Field

The question is a cliche: you prefer beach or camp? For those who chose the second option, our collaborator gave 4 tips to say “Yes” in a stylish way, close to the nature. And who is the team of beach, we bet: you’ll cogitate change of plans …

Married in the field is really charming. Just imagine: pretty green, delicate flowers and colorful, a family climate (even with 200 guests) and a hint of romanticism that makes all the difference. The wedding in the country fell once in the taste of the bride and groom. Yay! If you also dream of saying ‘ yes ‘ in this scenario, I list 5 tips-with photo galleries! -for a perfect day.

1. The Wedding Dress

The best suggestion of bridal gown for wedding in the field is: invest in simple. Light and Lacy fabrics combine perfectly with the environment. Let the embroidery there.

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Top 10 Dresses for Weddings

There are many things that have to be organized before a wedding, for example: choose the place where will be the wedding, the hairstyle which we will use, choose the bridesmaids, and a myriad of things more. But the most important thing we must bear in mind are wedding dresses for what we give you several options to make all guests appear beautiful.


The best option for this season are one-shoulder wedding dresses, no matter whether they are long or short, anyway look well.

On the beach

Many couples think marrying on the beach, so you need something lighter. It is that for beach wedding dresses should be loose at the bottom and dress for comfort.

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Wedding Jewelry Online Shopping

Ten years ago a butterfly logo formed and became synonymous with hand-made jewelry in the most beautiful gold and silver colors.

When your boyfriend proposed to you with a beautiful ring, which was bougt here, you may not know much the jewelry. But anyhow they are beautiful. And the new collection here is also great.

March 13, 2015 is the 10th anniversary of this store, and a party is hold at the store.

As part of the celebration, the day also marks the premiere of the collection. A collection is created in a unique collaboration.

The collection is a long-awaited collection that especially caters to younger audience.

So find inspiration for wedding rings here.

Came to Premiers at the Marianne Dulong & Daughters collection in the Horam tomorrow-1

Came to Premiers at the Marianne Dulong & Daughters collection in the Horam tomorrow-2

Mens Wedding Wear

Check out how to make clothes here. It is super cool, youthful and smart


What will be the big trend?

Bridegroom in 2016 is casual and cool, the suit must be ultra slim and smart – it must be dressed up or down depending on the type of wedding and groom’s individuality. Trend colors are bond-blue, cool-stone, classic black and steel-gray


What characterizes the men’s collection here?

2016 has laid large emphasis on smartness and coolness, it is important to be completely fashionable for wedding clothes, in step with the groom for everyday and it must be dressed up and down with simple tricks and accessories – to fit several different occasions for weddings and not least after the wedding.

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