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IWC Antoine de Saint Exupery Limited Edition

Pilot, journalist and writer, Saint-Exupéry is a legend in him alone. His death July 31, 1944, a plane of recognition which is provided in the Mediterranean, created a part of the aura that still today the pilot-Aviator. Antoine Saint-Exupery, but also and especially the author of the book the little Prince.

IWC has decided to pay a heartfelt tribute to the writer by performing a shows the little Prince. This watchmaker of Schaffhausen has joined forces with Sothedy’s-the more prestigious House of auction of the world-and the Foundation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry for youth.

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Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Watch has two versions: Gear S2, with a more sporty footprint and Gear S2 classic, more robust

Samsung presented on Wednesday (7), in São Paulo, the Gear S2 , a smartwatch with circular screen and rotating bezel. Different from what we are accustomed to, it does not run Android Wear: the company has chosen to place the Tizen operating system. Continue reading

Samsung Gear Fit

The smartwatch with the battery to charge the battery
The battery of the smartphone also did not suffer from the Bluetooth connection all day. I used the Gear Fit with my Galaxy S4 and did not notice a dramatic reduction of the battery because of this; In fact, I barely noticed any reduction. Note that the Galaxy S4 also has Bluetooth 4.0; With another device, the result may be different.
Speaking of which, Gear Fit only works with Samsung Galaxy line devices. Too bad the company has chosen to restrict access to this gadget. You can even make it work with other devices, but it’s not an “official” process; Test at your own risk. Continue reading

Android Wear: Smartwatch Operating System at a Glance    

Already in March 2014, Google Android wear has presented as an operating system for Smartwatches. An official presentation followed by then in June 2014 in the context of the Google I/O. Android 4.4 serves as the basis for Android wear, however it has slimmed down the surface compared to the Smartphone operating system significantly. It is operated via voice commands and touchscreen interactions.

Latest news for Android wear

24 August 2015: Interactive dials and mehrSchon very soon Google will publish new features for Smartwatches. It aims to make an attractive and versatile products equipped with Android wear especially in regard to the competition in the form of Apple Watch. Interactive dials, which are intended to replace partly full apps are a new feature. So bits in small circular displays widgets next to the time more, about missed calls, new emails, the battery as well as traveled steps. Under Armour is an another interactive dial, which represents fitness values. Together can be content, such as images and status messages to share with a specific partner. Also, Google Translator application integrating all Android wear Smartwatches plans. In practice, it should suffice to speak in the smart gadget. The translator automatically detects the spoken language. According to TNWNews, the translator supports 44 languages. Continue reading

Android Wear Comes New Watchfaces

One of the most fun aspects of the Platform Android Wear is that there are hundreds of ways to customize it with the ability to change the watch face at will. The independent developer community has acknowledged this possibility with great enthusiasm, and today they are literally thousands offers of any kind, free or not, whose highlight does not fail to point out from time to time.

If all this were not enough, Google has decided to forge partnerships with some internationally renowned designers to complete watch face “branded”. The five that were already previously, they’ve added another nine; Here’s a quick roundup and, below, the descriptions of all (in sequential order). Continue reading

Tag Heuer Smartwatch is the Talk of Baselworld

Yesterday the company TAG Heuer, Intel and Google officially announced the launch of their cooperation in the field of smart watches. In other words, the three organizations have agreed together to make a smart watch that will be based on Intel’s hardware and operating system Android Wear. Surely a significant contribution is expected from TAG Heuer – Swiss manufacturer of watches, which is part of the world’s largest holding company for the production of luxury goods LVMH (Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SA).

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The Most Beautiful Watches in 2016

Tick Tack, it’s time for new trends to our wrists! Women’s watches are for many the favorite accessories that come every day to use. Since it is nice if you have a model that is absolutely hip. Do not betray the watch trends for 2016 and show you the same a couple of beautiful models to Nachshoppen.

Watches are not only extremely practical, but also a cult object. Every year they are reissued after the latest trends, so we always get a brand new range of watches that will delight us with their modern optics. Such watch trends are set, among other things at Theeliteswatches and the Geneva watch fair in Switzerland. Here introduce large watch manufacturers as well as smaller manufacturers and trend-label their latest models and show us with what styles we should carry on the wrist. By 2016, some trends have especially emerged in which we can base our previous fairs.

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Smartwatch Fur HTC One M9

It is expected that the smartphone HTC M9 and the company smart-watch model to be officially announced during the exhibition Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Flagship smartphone the HTC cause great interest lately and interest in respect of their next product of this type is likely to be satisfied in early March. According to available information, that device marked M9 will be released officially on 1 March – the eve of the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, which this year takes place from 2 to March 5th.

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Sony Smartwatch 3 Metal Band

Technological exhibition CES 2015 in full swing. Another announcement in the segment of smart watches offered us Japanese giant Sony. It’s not about premiere a new device and a new coat of current Sony SmartWatch 3 (see tucsonsmartwatches). To previous versions (rubber / silicone) with a sporty design added option of stainless steel, which radically changes the appearance of the widget. Perhaps it is difficult to spot, but housing SmartWatch 3: e separate part that can be separated from the shell (shell Body + chains / straps). So far not think we’ve seen shells from alternative manufacturers, though he did not seem particularly difficult to produce. Thinking in this way, Sony decided to prepare (and show CES) and special envelope (plastic adapter, holder, might lead to slight changes in the size of the watch), but did not include the chain. It will have a lock, which would make it compatible with all standard chains with a width of 24 mm. This is another good idea for an additional option to customize.

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8 Must Have Watches

While everyone is waiting to see how it will be and how it will change our lives the much anticipated Apple Watch, it is also true that the classic watches, those with the hands, the steel case and the stopwatch will never abandon and who he loves the great classics this year also will find the perfect watch to put on your wrist.

Models and Pop Silicone perfect for Summer

Among the most colorful and fun are definitely the new Shape Hoops, chewy and colorful watches available in 7 delicious variants perfect for summer. It is a funny silicone watch, but sober and delicate, especially in beige variations, gray, white and brown, is also perfect for those who prefer the classic models. (€ 35.00)

Beautiful and colorful even Chamallow Ice LED Watch from CentralLEDWatch, a watch silicone declined in Color super pop and very feminine that recall perfectly the colors of spring. (€ 69.00)

Perfect for summer and super fun also the collection “Solar” Hip Hop that, as the main feature, the fact that he was replaced on quartz movement with the calendar, ecological, clean and giovane.La light filters through a letter H perforated reported within the white dial and goes into the mini solar panels: fully charged, the movement has a range of four months. (44 €)

Also cute models Swatch line “Mediterranean Dolce Vita” that enclose 4 amazing typically Italian flavors (tomatoes, sardines, Tropea onions and oranges) and delight the senses and views taking a bit ‘of Italian style in the world.

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Qualcomm Just-released Toq Smartwatch

While it is best known as a manufacturer of mobile processors Qualcomm company has the ambition to be ranked among the leaders in the emerging but gaining popularity segment of “smart watches”. Those of you who follow events in that segment probably know that in early September Qualcomm introduced its own Smart Watch device called Toq. Well, yesterday the company officially announced the date for its market debut (at least for USA) – December 2.

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ASUS VivoWatch Android Wear 2016

For this, the ASUS has prepared interesting new smart watch with options for 10 days work in autonomous mode figured two weeks ago, but now the company formally introduced the device in question, named VivoWatch, and revealed the missing details about him. According to official information, VivoWatch ASUS is the first wearable device with a focus on “fitness and wellness” functionality. This means that the widget is focused on the daily observance of healthy lifestyle.

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BMW and Mercedes Smart Watch

Time progressed and to fight for our wrists are involved in other companies.Smart watches acquire new technological dimensions and developers try to think of other innovations. As we have informed, recently we came to the Japanese company Nissan with  smart watches, which are connected with the car and the driver can then use the watch to control some functions of your car. The idea of linking smart watch with an automobile company Nissan did not stay long in the market itself. The German concern Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with US company Pebble preparing its own smarthodinky driver. Left behind nor the company BMW, which is developing its smart watches in collaboration with Samsung and introduce them in the near future.Developers in laboratories Mercedes and American Pebble shall endeavor to configure smart watch with a car. Mercedes because this project is just starting to realize we have to be patient a while longer and more detailed parameters to watch the wait.

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The Best Men’s Sport Watch

The men’s sports watches are a little different than the traditional watches. They are mostly built to fit a certain dress code. Sports watches are perfectly suited for casual wear, but the main reason why some men decide to buy one is for the additional features that these models have, features and functionality that can be exploited, even during sport or outdoor adventure.

Why Buy a Men’s Sports Watch?

Whether you’re an avid athlete, a hiker or a weekend adventurer in the world of sports watches you can find one that will suit any task. These watches are much more than simple devices to keep time. They are designed to accompany you on your adventures.

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Manuel GutiÉRrez, The Great Spanish Watchmaker From The 18th Century

Manuel Gutiérrez was born in Sigüenza to 1740, settling in Madrid at an early age. He never left the country and boasted of having learned never anything of any foreigner. Without a doubt, it seems that it was a very particular character. Now their thirty competed to obtain the square of director of the Royal School of watchmaking that Carlos III created, however luck was not on their side, in the vast majority of contests in which participated, either in the Royal factory of watchmaking as Chamber of King’s watchmaker, charges were always occupied by foreign watchmakers, or by Spaniards who had done their learning outside the country. However, his creations were at the height of the best watchmakers of the time, and that not the slightest doubt.

Manuel Gutiérrez made extraordinary watches for King Charles III and the Infante Luis, two windowed desktop clocks with a great strike, one of which is still preserved in the Royal Palace of Madrid: it’s the “Skeleton” created in 1772 in steel and ormolu with dimensions of 35 x 22 x 13 cm. The machine is locked in a cage of glass since the artifice, proud of his work, didn’t want any hidden machinery.

Another of his great works of Toledo Cathedral clock, a clock timedictionary is called “clock of la Puerta de la Feria” in 1792 which still works today. It is characterized by its high degree of complexity, and presents two external spheres, one towards the street, over the door which gives name and another inside the temple. The clock has two rooms that divide on the one hand the pulleys with a moat and protected by other machinery and gears of the clock.


Basic Tips When Buying A Smart Watch To Suit Your Style

The watch is definitely preferred by many men complement. There are those who use it only to tell time, there are those who use it as a complement hippest and go conjoined.

Whatever your case, what is clear is that not just any watch for any man. It all depends on what we seek, in our style and of course our budget.

And in the market we can find many types of watches, from classic to most sports watches through to the geeks. The range is wide and finding the right watch will be essential so to put it easier. l will leave you with these basic tips.


If your style is classic , or rather pretend to escape the eccentricities and looking for a watch that can help highlight your elegance is best to clock with a rectangular shape, never rounded.

The belt will also be essential in these cases a belt of black leather , will be the perfect complement for a bit flashy but very elegant watch. Obviously being a stylish watch and leather bracelet watches this type should be reserved for specific moments , as everyday wear out the belt in no time.

More informal

The good thing about sports watches is that often timeless, and hardly go out of style. They are also stronger, lighter and usually come with more options as thermometer, barometer, etc..s in style aside, so they can be combined with almost everyone.

Stand out mainly because of its rounded shape, to contain numbers in their sphere and their belt, either metal or rubber enduring the day to day without deterioration in excess over time.

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12 Best Mens Watches

It is true that the girls seek to always cover from womens accessories such as bags, bracelets and necklaces. So, give your partner a beautiful watch, certainly of the best gifts that you could do.

U.S. Polo Assn. Men

One of the best clocks that are on the market, to man, is the U.S. Polo Assn., which is characterised by its elegance and easy adaptation. With mineral glass ensures the durability of the piece at the time as joint elegance and practicality in the same. It is an excellent option.

Invicta Pro Diver Collection

Another excellent piece of watchmaking is the Invicta Pro Diver Collection, with magnified glass that allows you to specify the time, is an innovative design made totally of steel that gives an elegant, but at the same time very masculine touch. Be sure to check it out.

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10 Tips For Choosing a Men’s Watch

There are few possibilities for you at this time: you love watches and like to stay updated of the news; you became interested in the topic and want to know more and more; you plan to buy a new watch and looking for the ideal model; all of the above; or neither. Anyway, at some point in their life enthusiast, he has passed through your head “which watch is perfect for me?” Or “what should be my new purchase?” For read below ten tips that suggest you follow to find the perfect watch for you.

  1. If you are just starting in this world, visit internetages vintage shop and ask questions. Come not asking “What watch should I buy?”.People do not know you, so give personal views only and certainly wide of the mark. Instead, make direct questions, they can build their knowledge in this universe. Keep in mind that online communities tend to have a minimally biased answer, because many are fond of a particular brand. Especially if you are on a website dedicated specifically to a brand.
  2. Make a list of features and qualities you look for in a watch, prioritize and then look for watches that fit this profile.You will use the watch under water?You need it to be readable in the dark? You need a particular complication? Prefer a large date indicator, for better visibility? If you love bracelet, you need traditional fittings? Would you trade for readability look cool? The cost and maintainability are worrying? The list goes on.
  3. The longer you worry about researching your watch will be happier in the end.Avoid purchases made on impulse. Be methodical, as a watchmaker.
  4. If possible, do not buy a watch because you think will impress or please others.You can buy any watch and people will come together to say that you should have bought the favorite watch THEM.Putting your satisfaction in the hands of others is a risky business. Get rid of the criticism, be confident in your choices. The only opinion that counts is yours exclusively.
  5. Every time you see the image of a clock that you like, save it.Try to find a series of images of the same part. Do not focus only on professional images, look at real images of the clock.  If a watch is on the list, it can be the winner. On the other hand, if there are any little detail that bothers you on a watch, you will notice it every time you check the hours. Then delete it from your list.
  6. Do your best to identify two or three things in a watch that really make you like it.Do not just say it “looks good”. Be specific. After that, you can get watches with these characteristics.
  7. Be as complete as possible in your search.Nothing is worse than buying a watch and find one that you like the following week. (Although this is the lifestyle of a few. These are the “flippers”, or collectors “catch and release”. And this matter is not for them). If you found a watch that really like, visit the communities of people who like watches, say what is your choice and ask for similar models recommendations. On this subject, the recommendation of other pundits can be very useful.
  8. This is one of the most important tips of all: taste before buying.Try as many as watches were needed. The pieces may surprise you when you are on your wrist.A watch that you do not give anything may be your new passion, just for the look he has on his wrist. Most regrets purchases are those pieces that are too large, small, or heavy. If you like an online piece, look for a dealer and wear it. If you do not have this possibility, seek a model with similar size and color. If the purchase has to be done remotely, make sure that you can return it.
  9. If you are proving watches, pay attention to the way it makes you feel.Ideally, a clock will call you, among many others.If he continues to call you after a while, it should perhaps be chosen. But no case in the first meeting.
  10. Once you’ve made a decision, think about it for a few more days.Act as if I had already bought the watch and his search had come to an end.Any other watch you thought buying now is out of the question. Are you happy with your decision?

Finding the perfect watch can seem challenging, but hunting is part of the fun and the right choice can extend this pleasure for much longer.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Watch

As new, within the clock world, you may seem confused to buy the  first “real” mechanical wristwatch. There are many new concepts, an overwhelming amount of producers and many different clock types. That is why a guide is written about the first watch in order to help you as a first-time buyer to make the best choice, and the guide will review some of the considerations you should make before investing hard-earned savings dollars.


What does it cost?

You should determine its budget of the first one. Mechanical watches start around 3 to 5000.0-for the cheapest and ends at tens of millions of the most expensive.  If you want to have a watch from one of the more well-known brands, one should devote about 10 to 20000.0-as a minimum. If you want to have a Rolex, it starts around 40000.0. Watches come in all price ranges and even within individual marks range, there are large price differences. For instance, Omega Seamaster Diver series starts at around 20000 and going all the way up to 250,000.0-for the most expensive Planet Ocean watches. One should place a watch brand in one price range. As a rule of thumb hangs price and quality together up to around 30 to 40000.0, then you get no more or better features, but craftsmanship and materials cost about watches.

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Birthday Party Beauty and Beast: Check Out 15 Decorating Ideas

Check out exciting ideas for decorating children’s birthday party with the theme of “beauty and the beast”.

The birthday party beauty and the beast stands out as one of the most popular topics among girls in 2017. All this because Disney released a film telling the story of the Princess. Check out 15 lovely ideas for decorating children’s birthday with this theme. Continue reading