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Samsung Already Had a ‘Smart’ Watch for Admirable Sixteen Years

Samsung is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Honoring this title, the company based in South Korea operates in several segments and creates notable products in each of the categories, including smart phones, TVs, refrigerators, tablets, notebooks and, recently, wearable gadgets, occupying the first position in the amount of sales Of smart watches with its Gear line. However, it is not now that the Asian brand ventures into the smart accessories industry, announcing the SPH-WP10 sixteen years ago. Continue reading

Razer Launches Accessory that Is a Smart Watch and Bracelet

The Razer manufacturer once again shows that it is not interested in just working with computer accessories and has introduced a fitness wristband that makes digital clock paper and comes at a very attractive price. Under the name of Nabu, the accessory will be released as early as the first quarter of this year and should cost less than $ 100, or eja, less than $ 237. Continue reading

New Evidence Reveals News of Samsung’s Upcoming Smart Watch

Apple Watch is one of the best selling wearable devices on the market, as soon as the company released the pre-sale of the device, several consumers reserved their units and everything sold out in a few minutes. But there are other big companies that are also in that market, such as Samsung with its Gear, which also uses the company’s own system called Tizen. Continue reading

Apple Watch Will Be the First Smart Watch

Wearable devices have been on the market for some time, big manufacturers have already released their versions of wristbands and smart watches. Apple is preparing to launch Apple Watch soon, Tim Cook said the device will be out in April.Many believe that this will be the watch that will change the market for wearable devices, even Apple. Continue reading

Apple Watch – Meet 50 Third-Party Apps Launched for Smart Watch

Apple Watch Apps! At the Spring Forward technology event in San Francisco, Apple Watch rumors and rumors were confirmed, as well as other fantastic branded services such as independent HBO streaming to Apple TV, for example.

Curious event!The smart watch showcase was emptier than the stage, where executives excitedly demonstrated Apple Watch applications such as Shazam.

All Apple Watch applications must be available before the product reaches consumers, which is likely to happen next month. Continue reading

Samsung Gear S3, First Impressions: With A New (And Huge) Design By Flag

It was one of the great expectations of this IFA and Samsung has fulfilled what it already implied in their invitations: we have met the Samsung Gear S3 or, rather, the two different models (Frontier and Classic) arriving as successors of the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 Classic. From Xataka we have been able to test them briefly and these are our first impressions. Continue reading

Casio Toro Rosso Watch

One or the other winces at the brand name Casio might think reflexively of the much-hated math teacher in the school-in addition to calculators has the founded in 1957 Japanese electronics group but still very interesting Quartz watches with great value for money in the portfolio, including the Casio G-shock, as well as the sporty modern EDIFICE series.

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Tissot Le Locle Automatic Chronometer Edition in PVD Rose Gold

I’m going today to introduce a new category of my site dedicated to the testing of watches. In these tests, you will find in fact essentially a discovery of my own watches.

The first that I present to you was for me a real favorite. If you follow this blog, you have to hear, the Tissot Le Locle Automatic Watch PVD rose gold. Purchased there is now a more than a year, I am really satisfied!

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IWC Antoine de Saint Exupery Limited Edition

Pilot, journalist and writer, Saint-Exupéry is a legend in him alone. His death July 31, 1944, a plane of recognition which is provided in the Mediterranean, created a part of the aura that still today the pilot-Aviator. Antoine Saint-Exupery, but also and especially the author of the book the little Prince.

IWC has decided to pay a heartfelt tribute to the writer by performing a shows the little Prince. This watchmaker of Schaffhausen has joined forces with Sothedy’s-the more prestigious House of auction of the world-and the Foundation Antoine de Saint-Exupéry for youth.

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Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Watch has two versions: Gear S2, with a more sporty footprint and Gear S2 classic, more robust

Samsung presented on Wednesday (7), in São Paulo, the Gear S2 , a smartwatch with circular screen and rotating bezel. Different from what we are accustomed to, it does not run Android Wear: the company has chosen to place the Tizen operating system. Continue reading

Samsung Gear Fit

The smartwatch with the battery to charge the battery
The battery of the smartphone also did not suffer from the Bluetooth connection all day. I used the Gear Fit with my Galaxy S4 and did not notice a dramatic reduction of the battery because of this; In fact, I barely noticed any reduction. Note that the Galaxy S4 also has Bluetooth 4.0; With another device, the result may be different.
Speaking of which, Gear Fit only works with Samsung Galaxy line devices. Too bad the company has chosen to restrict access to this gadget. You can even make it work with other devices, but it’s not an “official” process; Test at your own risk. Continue reading

Android Wear: Smartwatch Operating System at a Glance    

Already in March 2014, Google Android wear has presented as an operating system for Smartwatches. An official presentation followed by then in June 2014 in the context of the Google I/O. Android 4.4 serves as the basis for Android wear, however it has slimmed down the surface compared to the Smartphone operating system significantly. It is operated via voice commands and touchscreen interactions.

Latest news for Android wear

24 August 2015: Interactive dials and mehrSchon very soon Google will publish new features for Smartwatches. It aims to make an attractive and versatile products equipped with Android wear especially in regard to the competition in the form of Apple Watch. Interactive dials, which are intended to replace partly full apps are a new feature. So bits in small circular displays widgets next to the time more, about missed calls, new emails, the battery as well as traveled steps. Under Armour is an another interactive dial, which represents fitness values. Together can be content, such as images and status messages to share with a specific partner. Also, Google Translator application integrating all Android wear Smartwatches plans. In practice, it should suffice to speak in the smart gadget. The translator automatically detects the spoken language. According to TNWNews, the translator supports 44 languages. Continue reading

Android Wear Comes New Watchfaces

One of the most fun aspects of the Platform Android Wear is that there are hundreds of ways to customize it with the ability to change the watch face at will. The independent developer community has acknowledged this possibility with great enthusiasm, and today they are literally thousands offers of any kind, free or not, whose highlight does not fail to point out from time to time.

If all this were not enough, Google has decided to forge partnerships with some internationally renowned designers to complete watch face “branded”. The five that were already previously, they’ve added another nine; Here’s a quick roundup and, below, the descriptions of all (in sequential order). Continue reading

Tag Heuer Smartwatch is the Talk of Baselworld

Yesterday the company TAG Heuer, Intel and Google officially announced the launch of their cooperation in the field of smart watches. In other words, the three organizations have agreed together to make a smart watch that will be based on Intel’s hardware and operating system Android Wear. Surely a significant contribution is expected from TAG Heuer – Swiss manufacturer of watches, which is part of the world’s largest holding company for the production of luxury goods LVMH (Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SA).

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The Most Beautiful Watches in 2016

Tick Tack, it’s time for new trends to our wrists! Women’s watches are for many the favorite accessories that come every day to use. Since it is nice if you have a model that is absolutely hip. Do not betray the watch trends for 2016 and show you the same a couple of beautiful models to Nachshoppen.

Watches are not only extremely practical, but also a cult object. Every year they are reissued after the latest trends, so we always get a brand new range of watches that will delight us with their modern optics. Such watch trends are set, among other things at Theeliteswatches and the Geneva watch fair in Switzerland. Here introduce large watch manufacturers as well as smaller manufacturers and trend-label their latest models and show us with what styles we should carry on the wrist. By 2016, some trends have especially emerged in which we can base our previous fairs.

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