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Communion Gift Ideas for Girls

If this year have a first communion in your family, you sure you’re preparations looking for first communion clothes, shoes, restaurant and, how not, a doll of first communion gift for your daughter.

The religious ceremonies of communion are usually held in the spring and is one of the great days of children before reaching adolescence. It is a religious ceremony in which children renew your faith and participate for the first time of the sacrament of the Eucharist and receive First communion. Both that religious character as being an event that is also celebrating that moment of passage from childhood to adolescence makes ideal gifts that are suited to the tastes and personality of children. Thus, the typical jewelry, books of memories, consoles, cameras of photos or videos, among others, in addition to toys. One of the most traditional are the wrists of communion.

A doll which traditionally give to girls, and less frequently to children, as a reminder of that day.

From first communion dolls that are currently on the market today stand out:

Rubber dolls eva of communion.

The fofuchas or rubber dolls eva has been fashionable in recent years. The rubber eva is a material that allows you to make any type of doll, being able to customize it to our liking. In addition, it is a work of medium-low complexity and low cost. Design and make a rubber doll eve of First communion is an original and different idea. Thus, we can make a doll that looks like the girl or whatever as some of his singers, actresses or favorite fictional characters. A personalized gift that will delight girls. You can try to do it following one of the many tutorials that exist on the Internet or order the doll in the shops of crafts online dedicated to it.

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Meet the Monster High Scaris Night!

The Monster High are one of the most successful of Mattel. Gothic, original and different dolls that seek to promote the values of tolerance and acceptance of oneself among girls from 6 years onwards. Outstanding taste to follow fashion trends in footwear, make-up and clothing is one of the salient features of these famouss dolls. Created in 2007 by Garret Sander and Kellee Riley, Monster High dolls came to the market in the year 2010, surprising for its style and its appearance completely breaker on dolls such as Bratz or Barbie, Myscene.

Another major differences was the marketing campaign designed around s launch. Along with the dolls was also released a cartoon series and published a novel signed by the American author Lisi Harrison. The great success of the Monster High materialized in three novels, several movies and the constant appearance of new dolls, dresses and sets.


Paper Dolls

Paper dolls, also known as Paperdolls or Cuquitas, are one of the most endearing children’s entertainment. A toy that falls into the category of games of cut-out, that is, sheets of paper which represents a figure, mostly female, and a collection of clothes and accessories to dress. For more than 200 years, this simple set has been and is one of the most simple and inexpensive ways to play with dolls and dolls, as well as to live fashion and acquire manual skills cutting and dressing the models by bending the tabs that accompany every garment.

Over time they became not only a way of making art, but also in one of the most exciting collectible games. Internet has also revolutionized this game not only boosting the market for the sale of all kinds of cut-outs, but making the paper game pixel and allowing play online with all kinds of dolls.

Virtual blades have again become popular this game around the world. Entertainment that lives a second golden age, creating thousands of dress up games featuring all kinds of dolls.

Paper dolls: the story of a popular toy

Paper dolls have also emerged of a toy for the popular classes such as a direct and simple way to advertise. Thanks to its simple and easy dissemination in magazines and newspapers, these cut-out met a pedagogic function, in addition to the purely recreational.

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