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Mtb Helmets Guide

In mtb there is an accessory on all that I consider of paramount importance and of whom no biker should do without, even for the simplest tours: the helmet.
Open, a-class, dual-function, there is something for all tastes and budgets you but, what and which size to choose? And how to wear it the right way? In this guide we will try to do some ‘ clarity. Continue reading

SUP Yoga 2

Paddleboard Yoga as we know it in Spain like Sup Yoga, is a new sport that is no more than the combination of different sports in one single. It consists of body postures that make it an exercise or activity of balance, these routines are performed on a paddle surfing. When we practice this activity increase the flexibility, strength and concentration. Continue reading

7 Things You Should Not do in a Gym

When one goes to a gym or sports centre should take into account that it is in a public place. Many times we forget or ignore the minimum rules of civility. Gyms and sports centres tend to have view of users such as mandatory rules: “be used bathing cap in the pool”, “the user must be provided with towel in the weight room”,… The address of the Center imposes these rules or rules and they are therefore obligatory. Continue reading

Steps to Buy a new Bike

  • Go to a specialized store because in it you will find greater variety of products and greater experience of their sellers. In addition to direct service and many times free of charge.
  • It is important to take your child at the time of purchase it, to choose the appropriate size for the.
  • Choose the size appropriate for him, or any that are to be adapted, the most simple possible (18 speeds for a toddler makes sense, shock absorbers not as mechanically complicated operation in addition to adding weight, making the use of the same).
  • Check that your child can easily operate the brakes.
  • Ask for the after sales services.
  • Buy a helmet to your needs and teach you to use it.

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European Football Championship 1960

As the last of all the continents of Europe began in 1958 with its first football championship for national teams. Only seventeen countries participated. Big football countries like Italy, West Germany and England at home. Soviet Union, Spain, France and Czechoslovakia qualified for the final tournament held in France.In Paris crowned the Soviet Union as the first European champion.

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Germany and Netherlands Football Rivalry

Matches between Germany and the Netherlands are always in the forefront swamp played with the lost World Cup final in 1974 forever in the memory of the Orange fan. Even when the Netherlands won the European Cup in 1988 in Germany after a final victory over “that Mann Shaft” in Hamburg, the real revenge, but do not. The only way to play a World Cup final against Germany and win. In total, the Netherlands and Germany played since April 24, 1910 49 times against each other. Orange won 16 times, Germany 17 times and there was a draw 17 times, the game against East Germany included. During the ten matches between the Netherlands and Germany, the “real thing” was only won twice, and went there four times and draw four times. Goal difference is 15-14 in favor of the “Mann Shaft.

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Netherlands vs Costa Rica Quarter Final Highlights

Football fans will be treated to beautiful football in the World Cup. It made the Dutch national team on Sunday, June 29, 2014 back to provide the necessary voltage. The Dutch team did Sunday, June 29, 2014 with a 2-1 victory over Mexico. With this win, the Netherlands has been able to achieve a place in the quarterfinals of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Dutch team play the quarterfinals on Saturday, July 5 at 22:00 Netherlands v Costa Rica in Salvador. Dutch national team fond memories of the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador. On 13 June, 2014 Orange here in the group stage of the 2014 World Cup to book a spectacular victory over world champions Spain.

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