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Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Motorcycle Insurance!

Having a motorcycle can be synonymous with freedom and speed. Having all the facilities that this means of transport offers and using it safely on the road or in town is the perfect match.  For this, it is important to choose to take out insurance and ensure that the bike is protected in cases of fire, theft, collisions among other situations. Check below all you need to know to get your motorcycle insurance! Continue reading

Getting to Know the E-Bikes-Sustainable Bicycles

The generation of energy today corresponds to one of the subjects most discussed in round tables that debate on the future of the environment.

Every day more and more people are interested in seeking some sustainable way to generate clean energy and easy renewal, so that it is possible to contribute effectively to the environment and also to society, with the main objective of developing a quality future for Future generations. Continue reading

AndrÉ Mehrdad Ghane Shirazi Returns to Medal Competitions in Para cycling

Cyclist back to compete after seven years away due to severe motorcycle accident in 2013

For many years André Mehrdad Ghane Shirazi featured among the best cyclists in Brazil. Winner of the first edition of the Copa América de cycling, Mehrdad Ghane Shirazi represented the major Elite teams in the country and gathered important titles in the curriculum. Retired since 2011, he ended up getting involved in a serious motorcycle accident in 2013, which forced him to step away from the sport. Continue reading

The Mystery of Bites in Shore Fishing

Without a doubt, one of the great challenges of the fishermen of shore and onboard is decrypt time nailing the fish after the bite. It is very normal for less-experienced fishermen to fail more frequently bites of fish due to little patience they demonstrate, linked to a bit of nervousness that is engaged when a bite of good size. In this short article I will try to explain you ephemeral but concise, what would be the best time to catch the fish according to the veracity or otherwise of the bite. Continue reading

Specialized S-Works Evade, the Definitive Helmet

With the recent Tour de France still in our heads, we have had the opportunity to see some new equipment that some manufacturers are preparing to officially launch from the second half of this year.

In the case of Specialized, the S-Works Evade helmet was one of the many pleasant surprises of this manufacturer in its line of accessories. The new Evade comes with a wind tunnel-tested design, a lightweight construction and an excellent ventilation system for maximum performance, whether for recreational use or in competition, as well as those who practice mountain biking who prefer aerodynamic lines Helmets for use on asphalt. Continue reading

French Bollé Innovates with His Helmet for cycling

Best known in Brazil for its sports glasses, Bollé presented this week its innovative helmet The One, which marks the entrance of the French manufacturer in this follow-up of cycling accessories.

The new The One stands out for its modularity, which allows you to adapt it according to the type of pedaling and its needs. Continue reading

Outdoor Specialist Columbia Captured German Angel Market

For all local fishing fans, outdoor specialist Columbia for the first time brings its performance fishing gear (PFG) collection in German waters.

Whether for a passionate fly fisherman, predatory fish anglers or the passionate carp anglers: Outdoor specialist Columbia produces functional fishing clothing for many years. Not known?

Continue reading

Tennis Balls Artengo

Continuing with the post where we recommended tennis rackets a few weeks ago, this time we will thoroughly test the range of balls of the Artengo brand, going through the training balls to your ball more complete competition. If you are one of those who do not settle for anything and you are looking for a ball with a good value for money that suits your game and your requirements, surely one of the many options that Artengo offers you will be of interest. Continue reading

The 100% Safe Water Filter

Technology, Biological Testing, Microbiological Test ONE Filter , International certification tests, ZeroTWO Purifier

Today I come here to talk about the portable filter Mini Sawyer, a little-known equipment by practitioners of outdoor activities here in Brazil, but of utmost importance in the implementation of outdoor activities, especially in wild environments, where we can’t be sure of the quality of the water we can find. Continue reading

Mtb Helmets Guide

In mtb there is an accessory on all that I consider of paramount importance and of whom no biker should do without, even for the simplest tours: the helmet.
Open, a-class, dual-function, there is something for all tastes and budgets you but, what and which size to choose? And how to wear it the right way? In this guide we will try to do some ‘ clarity. Continue reading

SUP Yoga 2

Paddleboard Yoga as we know it in Spain like Sup Yoga, is a new sport that is no more than the combination of different sports in one single. It consists of body postures that make it an exercise or activity of balance, these routines are performed on a paddle surfing. When we practice this activity increase the flexibility, strength and concentration. Continue reading

7 Things You Should Not do in a Gym

When one goes to a gym or sports centre should take into account that it is in a public place. Many times we forget or ignore the minimum rules of civility. Gyms and sports centres tend to have view of users such as mandatory rules: “be used bathing cap in the pool”, “the user must be provided with towel in the weight room”,… The address of the Center imposes these rules or rules and they are therefore obligatory. Continue reading

Steps to Buy a new Bike

  • Go to a specialized store because in it you will find greater variety of products and greater experience of their sellers. In addition to direct service and many times free of charge.
  • It is important to take your child at the time of purchase it, to choose the appropriate size for the.
  • Choose the size appropriate for him, or any that are to be adapted, the most simple possible (18 speeds for a toddler makes sense, shock absorbers not as mechanically complicated operation in addition to adding weight, making the use of the same).
  • Check that your child can easily operate the brakes.
  • Ask for the after sales services.
  • Buy a helmet to your needs and teach you to use it.

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