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Fifteen Women and a Destination-Circuit Lagamar

In October 2015, through an article published in Bicycle magazine, Friends Alexandra Domingues and Monica Trancoso met the circuit Lagamar, which would be launched in November. With the favorable comments of cyclists who ran the circuit shortly after their release, its various attractions, terrain diversity, exuberant nature and relative ease, friends invited other cyclists from Grupo Pedaletes do Litoral, less experienced in bicycle paths, to join the Lagamar. And at 4 hours of the 26th of May, this remarkable adventure began in the life of each of the Pedaletes, which would have traveled from thence 180 km in four days! Continue reading

Five Steps to Pedaling in the City

1. Follow The Traffic Rules

Cyclists must follow the same rules and laws as drivers.

Use the rightmost band. Never pedal in the back, pedal in the direction of the street hand.

Obey all traffic control devices such as traffic lights, pedestrian lane, and more.

Always look back and use your hand and arm to signal your change of direction, such as changing lanes, entering the right or left or stopping. Continue reading

CBC Members Attend World Doping Event in London

New world anti-doping code was one of the main issues on the agenda, president of Uci, Brian Cookson, was also present.

Committed to the fight against doping, the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) participated in the “Tracking Doping in Sport”, an event held from March 18 to 19 in London. The entity was represented by the Legal Advisor and member of the Anti-Doping Commission CBC, Paulo Marcos Schmitt, in addition to the President of the Anti-Doping Commission CBC, Dr. Eduardo De Rose, and the member of the Disciplinary Commission of the UCI and the Anti-Doping Commission CBC, Luciano Hostins. Continue reading

Murilo Affonso Is New Champion of the International Cycling Tour

Funvic Athlete Is The First Brazilian To Win The Competition That Reached Its 3rd Edition In 2016

The competition, which has class 2.2 status of the UCI, brought together 18 teams, with a total of 18 teams, Being 10 Brazilian and 8 foreigners, in an electrifying dispute for almost 800km, divided into 5 stages. And to the delight of the local crowd, the victory party was green and yellow. In the first stage, Murilo Affonso maintained the good performance and regularity, winning brilliantly the first Brazilian title of the tour. Second in the overall standings ended Kleber Ramos, followed by Alan Maniezzo, third, completing the podium. Continue reading

Novelties in Drop and Arrival 3rd Step of CIMTB Levorin

Dumped will be in front of the Congonhas Museum. Event is with open entries and happens between August 18th and 20th.

The dust will rise in Congonhas (MG) with the marathon 3rd stage of the International Copa Levorin de Mountain biking (CIMTB Levorin). The event occurs between the 18th and 20th of August and has the entries open. Meanwhile, the organization is already in the historic city by elaborating the logistics of the event. Among the novelties, site of the drop, technical Congress, excerpts from the runway and others. Continue reading

Brazil Cycle Fair Promotes Interaction Between Athletes

Many BMX maneuvers, rides tests from one of the main brands of the market, chat about the use of bicycle, mechanical tips and the sale of promotional tickets to Brazil cycle Fair stirred the park Villa Lobos in Sao Paulo, this Sunday (09), in a kind of heating for the main bicycle fair in Latin America.

In an unprecedented and free action, hundreds of visitors might enjoy and closely accompany some athletes performing various BMX maneuvers. Who always wanted to feel how it is to pedal a bike used by professionals, might test some of the TREK models, one of the main brands of the market. Continue reading

Rodrigo Hilbert Does Bike Trail and Encourages Fernanda to Pedal

The presenter and chef leaves the kitchen aside and shows, at this Saturday’s stars, another of his passions

Rodrigo Hilbert is one of the stars of this Saturday, 21. The presenter and chef of the kitchen and shows the public one of his passions: riding a bicycle. But it’s not any pedaling. The hostess Fernanda Lima’s husband and father of the twins Joao and Francisco will climb the Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro through the almost 5 km of trail that lead to Vista Chinesa and the Emperor’s Table. Continue reading

Brazilian Team Celebrates Evolution at the BMX Supercross World Cup

After two steps, the country’s female elite is approaching favorites. next challenge will be in the netherlands

The Brazilian team finished on Sunday (10) their participation in the second stage of the World Cup BMX Supercross, which was being held in Manchester in England. The team celebrated the good performance of the athletes Bianca Quinalha and Priscilla Carnaval who reached the quarter-finals of one of the most difficult competitions of the season. Continue reading

City Hall of Fortaleza-CE Installs Bicycle Parking in Ferreira Square

According to the city hall, 20 para cycles will be installed in the city. pajeú square and cidade do cidade also already have the equipment.

Praça do Ferreira won a paracycle, in front of the Oswaldo Cruz Pharmacy, in the Center of Fortaleza. The equipment is a bicycle parking lot, with free access and started working on Tuesday (17). The initiative makes “Sustainable Citizenship-To Live the City” project and is carried out in partnership with the Chamber of Shopkeepers (CDL).

According to the head of SCDH, Karlo Kardozo, “the first stage of the project stimulates the use of the bicycle as a systematic means of transport and offers better parking conditions for those who use the modal in the city, encouraging the reduction of pollution, the use of fossil fuel and the time spent in transit”.

According to the city hall, 20 parking lots will be installed, especially in high traffic areas. In December, the first two para cycles were inaugurated in Pajeú Square and in the Parque da Liberdade / Cidade da Criança. The other points that will receive paracycle will be Praça José de Alencar and Mercado dos Pinhões. In all, 60 free parking spaces for bicycles will be available.

In addition to the installation of the para cycles, the project “Sustainable Citizenship – To Live the City”has launched an illustrated almanac that contains specific contents about the bicycle and how it is used in Fortaleza. The content covers the reality of the cyclist in the municipality, mobility on two wheels, tips for cyclists and drivers, as well as testimonials of several Fortaleza cyclists who travel daily with the bicycle.

The publication will be distributed free of charge and received the contribution of several cyclists living in different regions of Fortaleza and movements of cicloativistas.

MTB Levorin International Cup Announces Official Video of AraxÁ Stage

Opening of the main mtb competition in latin america brought together over 1,500 athletes from 13 countries in three days of testing at the tauá grande hotel.

The municipality of Araxá, in Minas Gerais, once again was the mountain capital of the world in early March when it hosted the opening of the 20th edition of the Levorin International Cup for MTB. Passed by the Tauá Grande Hotel, in Barreiro, more than 20,000 people who could feel the climate of an international event of the modality.Classified as SHC (Hors Class for Stages), unprecedented in the Americas and one level below the stages of MTB World Cups, the competition gathered 1,500 athletes, with cyclists from 13 countries, and beautiful images were recorded by the team of OX Vídeos, producer Officer of CIMTB Levorin. Continue reading

Brazil Has Medal Chances in the Pan-American MTB

According to cadu polazzo, the team will have to overcome altitude (2,500m) to seek the podium and continue in the race for a place in the olympic games.

The Mountain Bike Brazilian team faces the first international challenge of the season 2015. In search of the spot in the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazilian cyclists compete next week, between 25 and 29 March, the Pan-American Championship of MTB, in Cota, Colombia. Continue reading

5 Proposals for Safer Crossings for Different Modes of Transport

The National Association of City Transport Officials, known by its acronym NACTO, has developed six principles for drawing intersections that talk about how to take advantage of the streets to offer more efficient and safe journeys to all road users-pedestrians, cyclists, Users of public transport and drivers. Continue reading

Biggest National Bicycle Meeting Starts Fundraising Via Crowdfunding

Interested in contributing to the realization of the 2016 Biciculture can already make their donation through the platform The crowd funding campaign was open to the general public on Wednesday (6/4) and will run for about three weeks. The objective is to raise R $ 35 thousand, which, after deducting the costs of rewards and fees, will result in R $ 28 thousand, which will be used to expand the programming of workshops and panels. Thus, the resource for this area would increase from R $ 62 thousand to R $ 90 thousand. The campaign with the complete description can be accessed at our site . Continue reading

Public Prosecutor Wants to Suspend Haddad’s Bicycle Paths

São Paulo’s state prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit on Tuesday that threatens to end Mayor Fernando Haddad’s (PT) plan to build 400 kilometers of bicycle paths in the city.The prosecution asks that “all activities, services and works related to the construction of the bicycle system in São Paulo” be suspended, within a period of 24 hours, until the completion of the “necessary technical studies”. The prosecution’s requests must still be approved by the 5th Public Treasury Court. Continue reading

More than One Thousand Athletes Participated in the Event

The fourth edition of the Challenge of the Rocks required a lot of skill from the 1,030 registered athletes who participated in the event on Sunday in Pomerode. Not even for moutain bike pros the proof was easy! The rain that fell during the night, and at certain times of the day, left the tracks even more challenging, which made it difficult to arrive. Continue reading

A Tour De France Historic for Shimano

Athletes using Shimano components have conquered yellow, green shirts, red and white polka dots, plus wins in the 21 stages of the test

The 104 edition of the Tour de France, the world’s most famous cycling test was an unprecedented achievement for Shimano, a world-leading company in the market for cycling components: each of the 2017 TDF steps, as well as the main ratings, were won by cyclists using Japanese brand components. Continue reading