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How to Choose My Headlight

For a correct choice of a headlight it is necessary to know the following attributes in order to choose the product that best suits your needs.

1. Maximum reach:

The range announced in Petzl lanterns is the distance in meters to which the front flashlight produces illumination greater than or equal to 0.25 lux.This level of illumination, which is comparable to the clarity of a full moon night, is considered a threshold below which the frontal flashlight is no longer effective. Continue reading

What Light Bulb to Use to Save Energy

When you go to the store to buy a new bulb is faced with the need to decide what type of lamp to choose. There are several types of bulbs, and each has its advantages and disadvantages, but first everyone likes it – how will save your selection.

In Bulgaria and throughout the European Union, production of ordinary incandescent bulbs already in the past. However, they are still found in stores and mass people here are not aware of how much electricity could save if you opt for this type of bulb. Let’s look at the two most widespread species that are found in stores lighting.

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LED Chandelier for Kitchen

Resistance, elegance, precision: we are not talking about the new set of stainless steel knives you have just purchased, but the lighting system used for cooking. The LED kitchen chandeliers lend themselves to any style of decor, are environmentally friendly and will prove valuable and unexpected allies in the preparation of dinner.

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Micro Flashlight Tip

Micro flashlights are popular jewelry makers, both for their low cost and their convenient size. According Ganoksin, an online jewelry-making resource, most micro torches costs less than $ 60 and 2010. Also called pen torches, flashlights pen and flashlights mini, these self-starting tool producing a 2 to 5000 ° flame, depending on the type of fuel that they need. Micro flashlights are useful for soldering, glass fusing and a number of other jewelry applications. Used properly, a micro flashlight to make jewelry making process much easier.

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Ceiling Lamps Modern

A separate discussion, concerning the light paths for interiors, deserve the ceiling lamps. This special place is due to one simple reason.

While other types of lamps (floor, wall, table) are introduced in already furnished environments, sometimes even too saturated with complements, in which the viewer’s eye indiscreet likely to get lost, for Ceiling lamps on listofledlights it is a different matter, because even if you enter into an already full habitat, go to occupy a vast and entirely empty space: the “heaven” of each room.

On this white surface, crisp, clean, free of ornaments and other decorations as the ceiling, the lamp has an aesthetic ornamental role of the highest order.

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Design Modern Lamps

When the landlord realizes that the natural light alone is not enough to fully illuminate a room, when even through the ceiling lamp is able to make the right contribution of light, you can only think of alternative light paths.

These paths, whether realized through wall lamps, table, floor, or by a mix of these three types of complements, can not be structured in a random manner.

It must first consider very carefully the directionality of the light beams to be projected in the room and once identified, on this basis, the ideal complement to get the desired lighting result, it must focus on its aesthetic component.

To introduce a new addition to a room already furnished must keep their eyes open on the dominant style and decide whether to move, with respect to it, in order to align the new entrants or to break the preconceived ideas, playing on the surprise.

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How to Choose a Racing Bicycle

Cycling is one of the most popular sports by Italians, combining sports and contact with nature. Those who approach for the first time in this business or simply want to renew the equipment cannot refrain from choosing a bike. Read the guide to know the characteristics, types, and how to choose the best racing bikes according to criteria of quality, price, offers and correct information to the consumer.

The first thing to consider before purchasing a road bike is the economic factor. Measures of this type can have varying prices depending on the features and services offered. Generally for a quality product starts around 1000 euros up to higher figures as 9000 euro. Needless to say, the greater the spending the better the performance of the bike including bicycle lights. Check eBicyclelights now.

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How to Choose LED Bulb

When choosing LED light bulbs, it is necessary to compare the data with a luminous flux (lumens number) instead of watts. The more lumens, the more light LED bulb gives. Sometimes you come across a seller who sell LED bulbs obsolete technology, which have a higher consumption (more watts), yet fewer lights (less lumens) than new technology. The customer then has the false impression that buys more powerful bulb. But actually buys something that shines less and consume more power.

Some dealers say luminance LED bulbs compared with an ordinary light bulb. This information is very important, but in many cases it is mildly distorted. It is good to check on him just over a unit of luminous flux – lumen (lm). Ordinary bulb of 25W is 220-230 lumens, 40W has 410 to 430 lumens, 60W is 700-750 lumens. If you would anyone claim that the LED lamp shines as an ordinary 40W light bulb, yet has 300 lumens, he is lying! Equivalent performance LED lamps over incandescent bulbs can easily check the following table:

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How to Choose a Night Light

As the days shorten and temperatures are purely autumn, dig left in drawers and boxes, where we stored besides warmer clothes and other accessories – gloves, gloves, jackets, fenders and … .světla. Because even after dusk worth go … ..

Who uses the bicycle as a means of transport, a bicycle lighting nicely tuned according to road regulations. So that it is filled with the “see and be seen”. The fact we had but wrote. But there is another option – the fun, adventure – Night riding in the forest, bike paths or on the road.

Surely you can find in your neighborhood someone who also fell through this adventure – and it does not matter whether it is for the desire to try something new or current lack of time to go for a ride in daylight.

It’s not as crazy as you might think – even though a group of road cyclists at night looks like a moving Christmas tree, perhaps it is the result safer than riding “at the top”, during daylight hours. A blank, mysterious forest? This is obviously an experience in itself.

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How to Find the Right Flashlight

A flashlight is an important non-negligible piece of equipment, I will help you find the right flashlight for your activities. Whether as anglers, mountaineers, soldiers, artisans, diver or a housewife, to have the right flashlight at hand is essential.

Stop! You do not want to look far, but simply a good lamp, then I can only TN12 recommend.

What are the differences between flashlights?

Finding the right flashlight is not always easy. It is therefore important to know in advance which target you with the lamp and which criteria are important. A diver will need another lamp as a soldier and a caver is unable to work optimally with the air of a housewife. Some criteria as an example:

  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Waterproof or splash protected
  • High performance through good battery
  • Pinpoint or Scattered light

As you can see, it is not impossible to pick out a good lamp, but the choice of the lamp should not be neglected. I know only too well the event that you are 5 cheap flashlights in the garyflashlights, only 2 of them go, one reflects badly and the last has a loose connection.

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Check LED PAR Lamps Specifications

I will address the matter in a practical and objective manner in order to ensure that anyone can identify and pick a PAR lamp, whether for residential or commercial use.

PAR lamp (English, Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) Parabolic Reflector Aluminum

The lamp with aluminum parabolic reflector (PAR) is a type of lamp widely used in commercial, residential lighting and transport. Its uses include lights for locomotives, airstrips, residential and commercial spots, forming sets similar to those used in automotive headlights.

It is typically formed by an aluminum parabola which focuses and reflects light from a halogen lamp installed in the central region.

PAR halogen lamps can be replaced by PAR LED lamps in some situations, especially those that require low power consumption, durability and wide color temperature range, unachievable in PAR halogen.


PAR lamps are composed of a lens, a reflector and a halogen lamp filament, not adjustable. More recently, with the advent of LED technology, PAR lamps dismissed the reflector and only kept the lenses. However, the pattern of characteristic measurements of PAR lamps remained.

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Unique Rustic Pendant Lights

Glass Pendent Light Round Shape Spray Painted Case Multi-colored Light Vintage Metal Pendant Lamp with Dome Shade Energy Saving E27 Lamp Faint Yellow

Hanging lamps belong to the group of lamps for interior-mounted to the ceiling. In contrast to ceiling lamps, are separated from the ceiling. Because the hanging lamps often have adjustable height, they can be individually adapted to the conditions in the room. Using a dimmer, it is possible to regulate the intensity of light hanging lamp, which allows you to change the mood in the room, as well as creating a particularly cosy atmosphere. The appropriate suspension, which is the optical center of each peace-as a disabled-is the real beauty.

Rustic pendant lights

Rustic pendant lights are a versatile solution to your interior design. Rustic style did not necessarily obsolete, or minimize to a simple appearance, even if it had its origins in the homes of simple people. Today there are many different specific directions rustic: Scandinavian, Italian, or English. In the assortment you will find matching each of these directions of the lamp hanging, which completes Your Interior. It is in rustic style, quite easy to find “matching pendant lamp”, because this style is made up of so many different themes and designs. Also there are connections almost endless. Rustic household items, heirlooms or rare specimens were acquired at flea market items of decoration in a rustic style. Suspension lamp perfectly complements this style of Interior Design.

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Energy-efficient Pendant Lamps

60W Hollow-out Steel Pendant Light with 1 Bulb 220V E26E27 Connector Modern Modern Simple LED Pendant Lighting with Resin Shade 180W 220V E27E26 Connector

Lamps for interiors, which in contrast to ceiling lamps, are separated from the ceiling, referred to generally as hanging lamps. Pendant with adjustable height can be customized to individual needs. The characteristic lamps hanging are that they form a particularly cozy lighting. Hanging lamps are still very popular and this is the right thing to do. Wherever you cannot dispense with the general lighting, hanging lamps provide the basic interior: corridor or hallway, living room, bedroom, children’s room, dining room, office, kitchen and bathroom.

Suspension-of-the-art technology in the form of a pendant lamp

Small LEDs, which introduces on the market before a few dozen years ago as the first industrially manufactured and which were known as the colored LED light bulbs, for several years, are also available with white light and used in hanging lamps. Hanging lamps are LED not only feature inside most modern technique, but also their external appearance is often the modern and puristic.

A significant advantage of pendant lamps LED light is extremely small power consumption. LED light bulb with her long lifetime of 35,000 hours is now one of the most economical sources of light.

But not only have the practical aspects played a role in choosing the proper lamps hanging. It is also a reflection of personal taste and style of life of the inhabitants. In the web shop you will find hanging lamps, hanging lamps, LED, in a variety of designs to fit every style of interior design.

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