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A Gift Bracelet

Visibly frightened by the idea of longer-lasting commitments, a boy asks me a tip for this one without “second interpretations”, his words. Reason: a ring given to a former girlfriend left the fearless girl, thinking that it meant something more, that their relationship went down months after kindness _ which almost traumatized the LAD. Continue reading

Advice on Buying Jewellery

Do you know the “super power” of the jewel? This little accessory can help you to refine (or sublimate) the image you want to give to others. Bracelets, necklaces and other “treasures” reveal our personality and are part of the famous “first impression” so crucial … Carla, image coach, shares some pro tips to accessorize your outfit without false notes …

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Brooch Fashion Trend 2016

Pins, from the most classic to the most experimental, seasonal jewelry trends. Discover the most beautiful and the most suitable look for wear.

The brooches are the real trend jewel for at least two seasons. For autumn winter 2016 2017, one of the most popular jewelry will surely be the most important and classic, brooch, maybe fished in vintage markets, to the more experimental or witty.

The credit for this goes repechage, among others, to Miuccia Prada , which for its autumn winter 2016 2017 revises the pin for his part, proposing models of hypertrophic, that bring together old and new material.

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Ops Objects Jewelry

The collection spring / summer 2014 of bracelets and accessories Ooops! Objects is a feast for the eyes, rich as it is creations in a variety of colors, all inspired by the most fashionable must-have of the moment. The articles of the collection Ops! Objects have won the favor of many fashionistas for their lively style, simple but very glamorous, so in view of the summer here is lots of fresh news to be discovered season. Continue reading

Bobo Jewelry

If it is true as it is true that it is getting stronger space in Italy and in the world the movement of know-how, a new and handmade crafts, small independent productions that use the network to promote it and reach an audience well wider than that which could suck a small shop, well, Silvia Pettenati it is definitely a good representative.

Expert in the wire wrapping technique, Silvia aka Bobo Chez Bijoux manufactures copper jewelry hand-wrought and promotes his work on the network, with sales online and with social networks, which, as she herself used to mo ‘of “hammer tire” and that allowed it to found the creative group known under the name Handmade Invaders.


Silvia Pettenati aka Chez Bobo, creativity is a second job for you: how do you live this division of your life and how you manage your time between the two activities?

The division does not exist except as a purely abstract concept and / or theoretical. My creative side is always, fortunately, are not divided into watertight compartments under which at a certain time of the day I stop the role of Silvia and dress those ChezBobo. It is the time that is missing, but not only for creativity. Missing for everything. We are a people on the run, in constant trouble. And so we are forced to adapt. The same goes for me. Sneak the time that I find.

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Cheap Chunky Fashion Necklaces

The maxi necklaces are the hit of the season spring summer 2012 , a new and stylish accessory that you can take with everything from put more low-cut in the simplest ones. The peculiarity of these necklaces is that in many cases seem realcollar, but not the classical collars that accompany us from childhood, but deluxe collars, bright and embellished with crystals, stones and rhinestones. We see all the most beautiful maxi necklaces at RRRJewerly but strictly low cost, to suit all budgets!

Maxi necklaces: how to lead?

The maxi necklaces are really nice, we can consider the true summer blockbuster in 2012! This accessory can be combined to evening gowns, the top, the suit and take it like a necklace any, particularity, however, is that, looking like the collar, are also fine with t-shirt simple or low-cut, those with which the usually it is difficult to bring the traditional necklaces. For us it was love at first sight, and for you? Continue reading

Popular Necklaces of the 90s

Attention duty nostalgic, or… admirers of the years 90, another trend this season is back!

And, let’s combinar…se is to make visits to the past, that is, with great taste, we just say thank you, so now get ready because the chokers, the necklace of the years 90 are back! Yes, the choker necklace is a rereading of the necklaces, those tight around his neck, only now returned more elegant, fashion and, besides, you can’t deny the fetishist accessory footprint that leaves any look super sexy.

Fashion Chokers

These necklaces of metal around your neck, fair also known as “collars”, promise to be the accessories of the time, they encountered during the grunge movement in the years 90, and had a heavy connotation, with rock ‘n’ roll style!

Yes, a few seasons here, they came popping up – even a little shy on the international catwalks – until, finally, if devote in haute couturecollections, like ChanelGivenchyValentinoLanvinJ.W. Anderson and YSL !

Ready, hence was a leap to become a hit, and now they are back to the misery of those who do not feel the slightest miss the 90s. Read more on
Therefore, hated by many and loved by so many others, she finally is getting a place in the sun in the midst of so many other trends redeemed, as well, in recent fashion shows of the most renowned brands there were chokers, more powerful and sexy than ever!

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Thick Chain Necklaces

Forget the necklaces of gems, crystals, delicate lace and super feminine, nothing like that, the attachment from time are the maximum currents. Inspired by the jewels worn by rappers.

Well, the summer is of them, thick chains, gold or silver, long or short, and may contain large pendants with words, numbers, letters, all part of the style and panache of the rappers. The fact is that since jumped off the neck of the rappers directly to the catwalks at the hands of the designers of the world’s most famous, they became the object of desire of fashionistas around the world.
However, let me be clear, it’s not a chain any traditional type that are very thick and bulky chains maxi, for the most part, without too many details, but you end up calling a lot of attention… so, get ready, now it’s time for powerful currents!

And come into play the maxi, maxi boot that!!! They are very thick and stylish pieces and were one of the jewelry for men brands such as Just Cavalli, Michael Kors, Lavin, Bottega Veneta, Diane Von Furstenberg, Céline, Chanel, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Giambattista Valli and Maiyet.

The catwalks paraded models ranging from clean to the highest degree of rapper style.

A tip, that leaves the production super chic, is to use only a thick chain.

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10 Jewelry Gifts Under The Christmas Tree

Christmas is here and as usual the lights, the decorations and the sizzling party atmosphere make it one of the highlights of the year which I prefer. Apparently, though, many may be in turmoil as thorough at the very thought of make gifts. There are not always gem gift ideas, time to turn around the shops is less and less and the air of crisis breaks down even the most motivated.

The jewelry should not be scary

After my post recommendations on watches in many you wrote because you believe that one of the most difficult to make purchases is what in a jewelry store, you don’t always know how to guide you between the various proposals and sometimes you don’t even know where to go to do your shopping. Not only that, some of you are also convinced that the only cross the threshold of a jewelry store credit card pale. I understand your difficulties, believe me, and I’m here to help you.

Just a few days ago I was at a dinner with friends when I was thrown a challenge: to be able to locate 10 gift ideas for this Christmas spending less than 1000 euros. It was good wine, food or fun, but the one challenge I picked it up right away. And even enthusiastically! Continue reading

Must Have Vintage Jewelry for Every Woman

Trendy jewelry during the spring/summer 2016 are characterized by detail and different themes, all to be discovered.

When it comes to trends not always referring to which piece of clothing is the most of the moment or what the accessory that just can’t get away is. Even the jewels have their trends, some of them are a real must while others, at least for a while, should be set aside in the jewelry box. The right question is, so what are the jewels of trend for spring/summer 2016?

You may have seen, during the recent fashion shows, that there was a slight return to moda anni 20. Remember the fringes of charleston dresses? Behold, these thin elements jiggle even on jewelry, especially earrings.

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6 Myths about Accessories

There are still many myths in time to combine accessories. Although most Portuguese still be afraid of risk and opt for classic and traditional solutions, learn take advantage of accessories and see how you can make these are the signature of your brand. Don’t be afraid to combine different materials, shades and patterns. And don’t forget that accessories are a quick and easy way to customize your look. Continue reading

The Style Is Ageless!

What is dress according to age? By the way have you heard say that 50 years is the new 40 and so on. Portugal is in the 29 countries in the world with a life expectancy of over 80 years, according to a report of the World Health Organization (who) to 2015. In other words, we live longer and work until later. Therefore, most women have a more active life than previous generations. Continue reading

Fluid Pants Summer

Be in a comfortable and trendy at the same time, sometimes it can seem difficult. However, some pants that are being displayed on the catwalks they gain more and more supporters in the streets, because they are the face of the station, in addition to prove that you can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Learn more about the fluid pants and see some tips on sweaters and shoes to accompany them.

2012 Fluid Pants

The fluid pants are a good choice for those who like to show style and comfort. They are lightweight fabrics and what distinguishes one from the other models (long, short) and the prints. In 2012 the fashion trend for them in summer is featured, then check out some very interesting looks.

The fluid pants that are most deprived, often have prints of stripes, polka dots, flowers and others who do not need to be supplemented with sweaters or jackets that have more prints or colors very striking.Even if the pants are of neutral color (but stamped), she calls a lot of attention for being flowing. So, what looks good is to use white or black shirt, basic colors. For those who like a more modern look, use baby look or race with small prints is a good choice.

When the fluid has no print pants and the intention is to create a casual look, abuse of prints and colors of shirt is allowed. Will the personality and creativity of the person completing the look with accessories, leaving it even more unique. When the look is to work, the best choice of color is Brown, nude and blue that are super well with all types and colors of shirt. Leave a little traditional slacks (and hot) and opt for a fluid.

For a formal occasion, use a pair of vibrant color like blue, yellow, red, Orange, pink which are the colors of the season, won’t let any woman less elegant. Show you understand and make the difference using a happy color pants and blouse more neutral to give a nice contrast and also the jewels stay on evidence.Bet!

For women who love the vintage style has good stylish pants to be used any way you want as in the image.The pants can be of dark color, but the mood of the look stay on account of other parts as in this case, the detail of the black sweater and red sock. Cool isn’t it? Push your creativity and colors!

Shoes and accessories: use the fluid pants with Oxford is a good option for those who do not is a big fan of high heels, women who like sandals, the jump-and-a-half foot thick is ideal. Use and abuse of jewelry and scarves it’s charm and style.

5 Fashion Trends Spring Summer

The spring fashion summer 2018 promises many new features for someone who loves to dress in accordance with the main trends of the fashion world. The traditional mixture of colors, so characteristic of that period sunnier the year, arrives with everything, and among the attractions are also some styles that made success in the past. Check out what’s new below! Continue reading