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Care When Using Tall Pants

Very successful Models in the years 1970 and 1980, the high waist pants are back in fashion to enhance the female body, and hide the outer thighs. The high waistband can be used also in shorts and skirts, but for women who have hips wider, these parts can leave it in evidence, therefore, if you want to disguise […]

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Colorful Pants: Tips for Using

Colored pants are in fashion! Summer is the season when you can use and abuse of colors and prints.Currently the colors of the neon line and the candy colors are the shades up. But how to use these parts without going over or look tacky? Is simple. Just combine the shades of the pants with the rest of the […]

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Clear Pants: Tips, How to Use without Errors

A very versatile and practical, the jeans combines with any style. The use of clear pants are great options for those who want to diversify. It’s a shade that suits almost all parts and hardly leaves something to be desired. Although it is relatively easy to compose a look with clear pants, then check out some tips to use […]

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Winter Pants Fashion

Fashion is always releasing new trends, modernizing the visual of men and women each season. The basic premise is to rescue styles that made success in past decades and adapt them to pieces with modern modeling. This bet can be seen in pants that are already success this winter 2011.

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Pants Who Value the Hip: Tips, Templates

It is possible to find women with several different formats of body, and are all those differences that make each one as unique and interesting. For this it is necessary that people are aware and know your body type, so that, through some tricks of fashion, can highlight your qualities and divert attention from the details that are […]

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Female Pants Winter

When we think about, the first thing that comes to mind are the jeans, basic and extremely useful, that match any time. Despite being a super Joker jeans in the closet, it’s good to innovate and betting on other styles, especially in Winter 2012, which is full of beautiful trends. Check out some trends in women’s pants for the […]