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Return of the Classic Bomber Jacket

This time jackets already want to come out. The days are already made shorter and nights arrive before cooler and darker. If still doubt what choice in purchases, here we show you the trends that will protect us from the low temperatures.

MAXI Coats

Coats ranging to the ground come stomping. Recalling the shelter of, feel powerful taking it open or even more sensual if you take it closed and leave the rest of your wardrobe for the imagination.

Sailor’s style

Okay, we’re not talking of a novelty. Year after year, wrap sailor flooded the tarmac runway. Its huge, buttons the tabs and the trimmings are key to get this nautical style. Bet on gold color in the trim for a perfect look.

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How Long Do I Have to Load A New Cell Phone?

Your cell phone is constantly without battery? This is a great reality in today’s smartphones. You can make your phone battery last longer with a few easy tips. Many cellular manuals say to leave the cell by pressing for a certain amount of hours on the first use is required. It is not so true: it’s much more important a good administration of your battery to extend her life, that is born with the days counted.

How Long Do I Have to Load A New Cell Phone?

Basically, even for the most modern batteries of lithium-ion battery, there is no need to charge the phone for a minimum time. However, as the batteries comes standard with a lower load, it is recommended that you leave loading until they reach the maximum load during a time that will vary according to the size of the battery, but that will be displayed by the cell when the charge reaches 100%. However, it is extremely important that you keep these batteries away from heat sources, as this will damage and its useful life.

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Sleeping Bags And Jackets

Comes the winter and we find that our clothing has changed over the months , gradually adapting to the falling temperatures. Luckily, fashion gives us every year new opportunities for us to continue looking outfit without losing shape or style . All stations have their strengths and the same goes for the winter season, in which each garment coat offers a plus of style to always go to the last. Today we focus on some garments to protect you from the cold that will give a very casual feel. And that trench coats and coats are beautiful garments, that we can not deny it , but if our intention is to truly save us a good cold is the best bet for more functional garments fulfill their function while promoting our figure.

We refer specifically to the jackets and sleeping bags. The key to achieving what we set out with such garments is that they are made with natural, rugged and quality materials. They need not be large and bulky items. A jacket of good quality and well combined let us not forget that in winter usually wear layers of clothes- may harbor the same as a thick coat but purchased in a store cheaper prices.

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How to Clean a Suede Jacket

The face is a very nice and elegant but especially expensive fabric. And when it comes to confronting a cleaning process, it should be very clear what you can and what you can’t, since it is a very special and delicate fabric. In this article from, we are going to give you some recommendations for the maintenance and cleaning of your suede jacket, so the passage of time will not dent in this special garment.


  1. Before I explain the right way to clean a suede jacket, must take into account that this type of fabric is very porous. This means that it absorbs all kinds of substances and is very easy that it stained with dust, a little water, any friction, etc. Let’s say that it is very likely to end up stained tissue.
  2. Care that always requires a suede jacket is a good brushing so not it uncombed. There are brushes for this task. If it is just for a daily maintenance brushing, brush should be soft, but if you want to remove for example any stain dry, then use one hard. Also, to remove a spot you must use is in contradiction of the hair and if you want to comb through the fabric, using it in the sense of the hair.
  3. Suede with the passage of time it becomes bright and gets dirty much. If your jacket has no stains, with a rubber cleaner specific will be as new. Gums are a few essential cleaning accessories for Suede, are flexible and do not mistreat the tissue. To clean your jacket with such products, just rub a little as if it were a pencil eraser.
  4. If your jacket has more serious stains will be when using special cleaners whose formula contains solvents and cleansing base. Are you must dilute in a container a bit of this formula with double its volume in lukewarm water and then rub the area with a hard brush well soaked mixture.

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Top 10 Smart Shoes

The shoes are a very important part of our outfits, are those who can give a touch of elegant or informal and are an accessory that every woman we love. We present you the ten best elegant shoes.

Animal Print

Animal prints are very popular and are very stylish if you choose the right shoe. Use shoes whose animal print is not very extravagant or colorful, which are subtle.

Navy Blue Suede

The dark blue color is very elegant and sober, is also a neutral that blends almost with any color. It can be used with dress or pants and is ideal for business meetings that require dress formally.

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Denim and denim jacket has for many years old – and it has been a bit of an icon in the fashion world. For many, denim, jeans and cowboy jacket often synonymous with Levi Strauss, but gradually as men’s fashion has evolved, there come more players on the pitch. The very denim jacket has gradually been in existence for more than 150 years – and the shape is actually surprisingly much the same for years back. It may also be why denim jacket retro-effect is in the top.


“Fashion changes, but style endures”. How it is said in any case – and as far as denim jacket is it on something true. For although mature has changed hundreds of times over the last 150 years, so have cowboy jacket actually had a more or less static look.


A little about denim


There can scarcely be anyone who doesn’t know about denim – and who do not own up against several pairs of jeans. It will be close to a miracle, if this should be the case. Denim is a distinctly material within the fashion world, and there are several reasons for that we return to.


Denim has been used to produce textiles since the 16th century. century, and it is thought to be manufactured for the first time in France. Since we invented the denim for textile production, it was Brown, but began to dye Blue, why denim pants was nicknamed Bleu de Genes – and later blue jeans. A family in France later got the idea to produce colored cotton fabric, which got the name serge de Nimes, and which later became the denim.

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How to Buy a Womens Leather Jacket

A part of your basic wardrobe: the leather jacket. Learn more.

What makes a biker leather jacket?

The classic biker leather jacket now belongs to the basic equipment of every wardrobe. Here, their original purpose was in fact that of the protective clothing when riding a motorcycle. The biker leather jacket is hip length – the optimal length, if you sit on the bike. She has an asymmetrical laterally extending upwardly from the center of zipper and waist a belt with a large buckle, both mounted to prevent wind. The lapel collar can be very lush and fastened with a button. At least two zipped pockets, optional additional chest pockets adorn the leather jacket. Epaulettes, buckles, studs and other zippers are the classic biker jacket the visual upgrade.

How to Buy a Womens Leather Jacket

How do I combine a biker leather jacket?

With a leather biker jacket you have a versatile garment: Each outfit gets an immediate sporty casual and rocking cool touch. A casual look of jeans, T-shirt and sneakers evaluate stylish on the biker jacket. An elegant outfit from shift dress or skirt and blouse gets that certain something when you combine it with a leather jacket. The hippie look of blouse and lace-up shoes, a leather jacket just make roadworthy as the casual feel good combination of leggings and XXL-knit sweater.

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The Best Allround-Softshell Jacket

Trail Running in the mountains with soft shell jacket from Berghaus

Whatever the weather, for any purpose!

With a soft shell jacket you are perfectly adjusted for any eventuality. Whether hiking or around town. The triumph of this high-tech clothing, which is currently all the rage, is no accident: Highly elastic, incredibly light, heat regulating, wind and water repellent.

The Best Allround-Softshell Jacket

Convince yourself of the benefits and see matching softshell at Blue Tomato!

Perfect for 85% of all weather conditions

Superlight at packable

Highly elastic and comfortable

Breathable and windproof


Water repellent
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Your Job Does Not Have a Shower, Go to Bike?

If you feel like cycling to work, but leave the idea aside whenever you remember that there is no changing room or shower, these tips are for you. Willian Cruz, from the blog Vá de Bike, and Guga Machado, from Eu Vou de Bike, listed some simple solutions to adopt the bicycle as a means of transportation-even when you can not take a shower before work. Continue reading

6 Winter Accessories

There are winter accessories indispensable to face the cold and others that complement your visual, being a way to assert your style. In this season, in that due to low temperatures, we need to use overlapping parts, see how you can give more glamor to your coordinated, through the accessories. Continue reading

A Toast to Burgundy!

Bordeaux is a color inspired by the red wine produced in this region of France, being a shade dark red used in autumn and winter. He was also one of the pantone colors in 2015, known as Marsala, since the name of this renowned Italian wine. It is distinguished also from Burgundy, or Burgundy, a famous French wine. That is, the Bordeaux, Marsala and Burgundy are three different tones, but all inspired by red wines from different regions. So I’m going to call it simply of Burgundy, since various shades, Red takes rosado (rosé) to brownish red. Continue reading

Party Looks

Dinners, cocktails and meetings between friends are a constant during the holiday season. But many women don’t have time to go home to change clothes or else you have to do in a few minutes, so you can choose the unique pieces-dress or jumpsuit – or use a more showy piece with pants or skirt you wore during the day. The accessories are also a quick way to change the your visual , making it the most sophisticated and festive. Continue reading

Go to the Sale?

Went through a window with a large poster to report discounts. This is a magic word for most women. It’s almost irresistible appeal to come in and just give a “look”. After all, you can find that coveted piece or a real “bargain” which will be adorable with those pants you bought this station or combine with that sweater that has been waiting to find your couple. The truth is that the balances are a real temptation and is very easy to lose your head. But will it make the choices right ones? Continue reading

Dress in Layers

You know those days when temperatures fluctuate so much that you don’t know what to wear? In the morning it’s cold, but during the day’s heat, so it is often difficult to choose what you’re wearing.

In addition, there are workplaces that have air conditioning or central heating and it is not always possible to find the ideal temperature for all employees. In this case, the best option is to dress in layers, IE do overlays of parts, which can easily remove where necessary throughout the day. Continue reading

The Style Is Ageless!

What is dress according to age? By the way have you heard say that 50 years is the new 40 and so on. Portugal is in the 29 countries in the world with a life expectancy of over 80 years, according to a report of the World Health Organization (who) to 2015. In other words, we live longer and work until later. Therefore, most women have a more active life than previous generations. Continue reading

Modernize Your Look Professional

It’s not always easy to innovate and in a balanced manner in a professional look. The important thing is to recognize what are the parts that most value your body type, but also learn how to make new combinations, in order to create your personal style. To modernize your image, invest in basic sets and use a trend piece of the station. Continue reading

Learn How to Use Hot High Waist Pants

Are you looking for tips about the hot pants learn how to use high waist? Hot pants pants are the famous high-waisted pants and they are having success with women from all over the world. This model of pants values the silhouette and leaves you with everything on top. The most commonly used models are skinny and flare the former mouth of Bell did quite successfully back then, and now is back. Continue reading

Pants: Tips for Using Color, Photos

We are in the summer and, like him, the cheerful colors start to appear. Example of this are the colorful pants, which are back in fashion and are becoming a real fever, among women and among men. It even! Many hotties are betting in colors such as green, red, blue and even pastel pink. In the years 80, colored pants were successful, trendy young. However, the variety in colors was not too large at that time.Today, they’re back, repaginadas and available in many other shades. Continue reading

How about Using a Belt on Your Coat?

If you’re a fan of accessories, how about trying to use a belt over your coat? A stylish way to mark the waist and add some curves to your silhouette, especially if you have a body like hourglass, pear or column. Don’t forget, that the choice of the width of the belt must take into account your body type, but also the volume of the coat, in order to achieve a more balanced proportion. If you have large breasts avoid using wide belts, because they will show more this area of the body. Continue reading

Fashion Leather Pants for Autumn/Winter

Is on the inside of the leather pants Fashion for autumn/winter 2015? The leather is featured on the catwalks of 2015 winter. There are various colors, designs, shapes and textures. This piece combines with all styles and looks good with different silhouettes, just wondering. Timeless and sophisticated, the leather pants always comes back in the winter to bring the looks of a traditional characteristic brightness cold never goes out of style.

Fashion Leather Pants For Autumn/Winter 2015

On fashion leather pants for the fall/winter 2015 high colors are Burgundy, red, marsala, shades of green, Navy Blue, earthy tones, mustard, black and white. As for styles, we have the Boho with inspiration in the universe hippie, ethnic, folk and romantic with looks stripped, fringes, fluid fabrics and a touch of craftsmanship, which looks sophisticated (Boho Chic), combining parts and accessories of more modern and conceptual inspiration.

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The knockout effect promises to be one of the great highlights of the 2015 winter, that brings sensuality to looks with leather, suede and velvet, and the bet fashion to replace income, without losing the feminine and romantic air. Modern, bold and sophisticated, the fake leather is featured in pants, skirts, shorts and jackets, which appear combined in looks with knee-length boots, shoes buckles, tassels and moorings.

How To Take Care Of Leather Pants

The leather pants requires specific care, being original or fake leather. It is important to remember that the fake leather besides cheaper, is featured in fashion that is becoming increasingly “cruelty free”, i.e. free of animal cruelty in your manufacturing. As well as the skin of animals, the leather is falling into disuse. When is bet on fashion leather pants for autumn/winter 2015 follow these tips to keep them always beautiful:

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Leather pants should be aired at least once a month in the shade.

Never place leather in the sun as it can stain.

Never put it in the washing machine, do not soak and not use alcohol or detergent.

To clean, wipe a wet cloth of water inside and outside of the piece and let it dry in the shade.

The leather should never be stored in this manner because mofa easily.

If you have some already stained with mold, the tip is removed with a damp cloth. If the case is more serious, take the garment to a dry cleaner. For the synthetic leather conservation care are the same.

Jodhpurs: Ideas, How to Use

Fashion is a subject and constant updating. The trends of the year are always subject to change, however this does not mean that some parts will not be repeated. This is the case of jodhpurs. This year she’s back and promise to please most of the female audience. Continue reading